Items You Didn’t Know You Can Borrow Instead of Buy to Save Money

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Have you ever wanted to go camping on a long fall weekend, but didn’t have any camping supplies? Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on brand new camping gear. Instead ask your neighbor and friends if you could borrow their tents. Borrowing is the new buying! You can save hundreds of dollars on items you would only use once and then let them sit in your storage to collect dust.


Did the kids throw a ball up onto the roof that got stuck in the gutter? Grab a ladder. If you don’t have a ladder, ask your neighbors to borrow one. Ladders don’t get used a ton if you were to buy one; so choose to borrow one from your neighbor or friend when the rare occasion rolls around that you need one.


Tools are similar to a ladder; you need the basics, but something more unique you may not use on a consistent basis to justify buying it. Ask your neighbors, family and friends when you need to borrow a unique tool to save money.

Folding tables

Parties can be expensive to throw or even family-get-togethers. You need enough seating for everyone, but enough folding tables to fit your entire family or friend group gets expensive. Choose to borrow instead of buy for a one-time party.


Books are read once and then put on a bookshelf to sit for decoration most of the time. If you have a book you have wanted to read, more likely than not one of your closest family or friends already has the book.

Sports gear

Thinking about taking a family vacation to the mountains, but don’t have any ski gear? Many times people only use their ski gear once a year, so ask your family and friends if you could borrow their gear.

While borrowing can be really beneficial for you, make sure that this is a quid pro quo relationship with your family, friends and neighbors. When someone you know is in a bind and you can help them out by letting them borrow something of yours, do it!

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