21 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Balloons that spell out "dad" in front of closet with ties

Last-minute Father’s Day gifts you can still get for dad for under $30 

Every dad is unique, so you will want to get him a gift that is just as unique as he is… without breaking the bank. You love your dad, but you probably do not want to spend your entire paycheck on him. That is why we have 21 Father’s Day gift ideas that are affordable. Give him a cheap Father’s Day gift that does not seem cheap. This Father’s Day tell your old man that you appreciate him, without making it sound mushy. 

Over the years, I have done homemade DIY gifts and store-bought gifts. Although my dad loved all of the gifts, his favorites were the ones that were fun, creative, or unique. It did not matter if it was homemade or purchased last minute. What mattered is that it was sentimental or thoughtful. You can DIY a gift from scratch. However, if art really is not your thing, you can also buy a cheap Father’s Day gift and make a few adjustments for it to be more fun and unique. Below, we have DIY gifts, creative gifts, baked gifts, and last-minute store-bought gifts. All of these Father’s Day gift ideas are under $30. Some are even lower than that! 

Father’s Day crafts 

Individualized gifts are really thoughtful and can be really affordable. DIY gifts are all the rage, and they can usually be pretty cheap, without coming across cheap. With DIY or craft gifts, it can take more time to make, but you can save money. In addition, you can tailor the gift to be unique.

Make a customized spatula. Does your dad like too cook or grill? A customized spatula will remind them that you care. You can encourage your dad’s cooking hobby with this gift. Best of all, maybe he will use it to cook you some food… You will need to buy a spatula with a wooden handle as well as a carving knife. Write out a short message in sharpie, and then carve away to make the message. If carving is not really your thing, you could also use paint and mod podge. 

Create a homemade tie rack. Does your dad own a lot of ties or bow ties? Make him a beautiful tie rack so that he can proudly display his ties. He will no longer have to hide his ties in the closet. This gift is a great way to show off his personality, but it can also help keep him organized. 

Design a bow tie. If you are feeling really crafty and know how to sew, you could make your father a bow tie. A lot of the time, you are restricted by what designs a clothing store offers. If you make a tie for your father, you can pick any fabric from your local craft store! Here is a bow tie pattern and a tie pattern

Creative Father’s Day gift ideas  

If full arts and crafts are not really your thing, that is okay. There are still a lot of creative and unique Father’s Day gift ideas! You can buy a small gift, and then dress it up to make it more fun. You can dress cheap gifts up to make them seem better than they are. These creative gift ideas are inexpensive and making them unique does not take much time. Sometimes the presentation of the gift is what makes it memorable. 

Make a tackle box of Swedish Fish. This gift idea is great for a fisher with a sweet tooth. You could buy and gift a tackle box and a box of candy separately, but this gift is more fun and unique. It only takes a few minutes to put the Swedish Fish into the tackle box, but it makes the gift more fun.  

Give him a bouquet of beer. Most fathers would not turn down a free six pack of beer, but they would not be impressed by it either. Not all dads are a fan of flowers. This gift though, is a good mix. It is fun and creative. Using paper to make flowers and leaves, you can transform the beer into a bouquet. If your dad is a fan of craft beer, you can pick out 6 different types of craft beer to put into the pack. This makes the experience more fun because he will not know what he is picking each time. It will be a surprise. 

Provide a ‘stache for dad. A jar of candy is cute. A jar of candy or snacks that say “dad’s stache” on the side is even cuter. This pun is fun, and what father does not like a good dad joke? You could put candy into the jar, or you could put a snack in there instead. Check out this great recipe for spicy ranch pretzels

Father’s Day meal ideas  

If baking and cooking are more your style, you can still make a great gift for your dad. Most dads love food, or at least, I have not met one that does not love food. Whether you prefer to cook a meal, or bake a dessert, we have some good ideas for you. 

Make eggs in a basket for a Father’s Day brunch. We do not know why, but this meal seems to be every father’s favorite. Eating an egg and piece of toast would be easier to make, but there is something about this meal that dads just love. If you have never made an egg in a basket before, it is really simple. You just fry a piece of bread with a hole in it. While it cooks, you add an egg to the center. If you want a recipe, there is a great one here.  

Cook a whiskey burger. Plan on enjoying lunch or dinner together? This is the perfect meal for any whiskey lover. The burger will absorb the flavor of the whiskey but will cook off the alcohol. So, make sure you choose a whiskey that tastes good. You can top it with cheese and bacon to make the burger even better. If you pair the burger with a side salad you will not feel guilty for the number of calories you are about to eat. 

Bake cute golf course cupcakes. Cupcakes are fun, but cupcakes decorated to look like a golf course are even better. Make cupcakes using your father’s favorite cake mix. Then cover them with green frosting. You can make flags, golf balls, sand, and water designs for the tops of the cupcakes. Make a flag by taping a small piece of paper to a toothpick. Crushed up graham cracker crumbs make for a realistic sand texture. Use blue frosting to make a golf course pond. There are a few ways to make a cupcake golf ball. You could just set a ping pong ball on top of the cupcake or you could use white fondant to make them. If you really enjoy baking, you could make golf ball cake pops

Affordable Father’s Day gift ideas  

We get it, you do not have the time to make a DIY or crafting gift. Buying a present for your dad is just as good. Here are 12 more gift ideas for under $30! Whether your dad is a nerd, outdoorsman, music lover, or has the worst dad jokes, you will want to find him the best present. No matter what type of dad you have, we have the best gift ideas for him! 

Nerdy Father’s Day gifts    

Star Trek Whiskey Glasses

DIY Comic Strip Photo Frame

R2-D2 Waffle Maker

Camping gifts for dad 

Personalized Engraved Knife

Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

FreshJax Grilling Spice

Funny Father’s Day gifts    

“I’m Just Resting My Eyes, I’m Not Sleeping” Socks

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist” Book

“Dad Joke Loading” Shirt

Music gifts for dad   

Music Socks In A Number of Styles

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Customizable Guitar Pick 

What present are you getting your Father for Father’s Day? Comment below and let us know!

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