How Do Funding and ACH Processes Work at Net Pay Advance?

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For new and returning Net Pay Advance customers, understanding how funding works can be difficult. Some of our most common questions are centered around NPA’s funding processes. Although they appear complicated, we did our best to simplify them so our customers can easily grasp the way funding works.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funding and Payments

1. Why can’t I get my funds the same day?

The first issue arises from NPA being an online company. We can’t simply hand over the cash to our customers the way some walk-in stores can. Instead, we process your application online and set you up to receive funding the next business day through an ACH, which takes time to reach your bank account.

This also helps to keep our fees down for your benefit. Our customers would incur more fees from same-day funding.

2. When will I receive my funds after being approved?

Your loan application must be approved before 5:30 PM PST/7:30 PM CST to be available the next business day. Funds are generally deposited no later than 10 AM PST.

Loans approved after the cutoff time (mentioned above) on Friday through Sunday will have their funds deposited on the following Tuesday. National holidays delay funding by one business day.

3. What is an ACH?

Sometimes, when our customers don’t have a valid debit card on file, we must send an ACH to their bank account to receive payment when their balance comes due. An ACH takes four business days to process, no matter what. Even if your bank account says payment was taken sooner, such as after two business days, we still must wait the full four days for the payment to reach us and the ACH to clear.

However, once the ACH clears and payment is received, you are still eligible to reapply for a loan immediately after the four business days.

To avoid dealing with an ACH, make sure you have a valid debit card number saved to your Net Pay Advance account.

The best thing you can do to speed up the funding and payment processes is to be sure that your bank account and debit card information are always accurate and up to date. This will prevent extensive waiting periods during or following an ACH. It will also allow you to make your payments on your own, whenever you’d like.

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion you may have surrounding how and when you will receive funding. Additionally, we hope you have a better understanding of how ACHs to receive payment work. If you do find you have more questions, feel free to call into our customer service center at 888-942-3320.

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