Instant Cash Advance vs ACH: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Instant cash advance sounds great! Let’s find out what it entails. 

When you’re in a financial pickle, nothing sounds as good as an instant cash advance online. At Net Pay Advance, we offer our customers only the best products and services. Our same day loans are just the financial relief you need. 

Net Pay Advance strives to help those in a financial crisis. We do our best to offer short term loans with deposit options that work for the customer. A surprise expense or an unexpected medical bill can often throw a wrench in your budget. But you’re not alone. Each year, at least 12 million Americans utilize payday loans.  

Even the best budgeteers may be caught off guard with a bill they did not anticipate. Net Pay Advance has two quick payment options. They are:  

Instant cash advance

An instant loan, or instant cash advance, adds the approved funds to a customer’s account in a matter of seconds.  

To qualify for instant funding, a customer needs to have three things: 

  1. A valid debit card on file 
  1. A bank associated with debit card that accepts instant funding 
  1. Must select the debit card autopayment option when signing their contract. 

ACH funding 

With a traditional payday loan, payment is made via ACH, or Automated Clearing House payment. It’s a type of direct deposit payment. With ACH funding a customer receives their borrowed funds in their account on the next business day, usually in the morning. 

We asked Jason Largent, Director of Operations. He clarified that with ACH the funds, “Always send out the following business day… So, as long as the customer signs and is approved by 7:30 PM CST, they can expect to receive the deposit the following business day morning.”

Instant loan 

As the name suggests, these loans can be availed quickly. At Net Pay Advance, we understand that life can throw unexpected expenses at any time. That’s why we aim to offer you cash as quick as possible. We want our customers to have the funds when they need them without having to wait too long.  

How fast is instant funding?  

If you’re wondering how quickly you can get an instant loan, let us inform you that you can get the funds in less than 5 minutes. 

Best of all, with instant funding, you can apply and get your funds at any point in the day. With instant funding, you’re not restricted to business hours of operation like ACH payments are. You can apply 24/7, and if you’re eligible for instant funding, you’ll get your funds at the same time.  

How do I qualify for an instant cash advance? 

Customers that are approved for a loan must have a valid debit card  on file that’s able to accept instant payment from us. Ultimately, the issuing bank of the debit card controls the ability to accept instant funding or not. Most major brand banks have this feature. However, some smaller banks and credit unions don’t have this feature available yet.  

From there, customers also must opt into debit card payment by selecting the debit card autopayment option during the application process.  

Jason explains our funding process:  

“Customers that want to opt in would need to select the debit card autopayment option when signing their contract. In addition, the debit card must be eligible for instant funding. There are times when customers don’t know if their card is eligible or not. Ultimately, we attempt to instant fund all customers all long as they’re opted to debit card auto payments.”

Our instant funding attempts to provide customers with the requested funds quickly. At times there are roadblocks, and we try to avoid them. If you’re approved for funds, but don’t immediately receive your them, you have the option to call us. We are happy to try to opt you in for the debit card autopayment and reattempt instant funding. 

Is the application the same?  

Yes! It is the same application. The only difference is having a valid debit card on file and opting in for the debit card autopayment option when signing the contract. With Net Pay Advance, you can apply for a loan online, or with our instant cash advance app. It’s the all the same application. So long as you qualify, both routes can let you borrow money instantly. 

Do other places offer this service? 

A lot of places boast same-day loans, but often those funds aren’t delivered until the end of the day. Plus, you have to apply early in the morning to even qualify. What’s the point?  

You want your money now. If you’re approved with Net Pay Advance, our instant loan options provide you with that.  

For those wondering “how can I get cash immediately?” our instant cash advance might be the solution for you!  

Why did Net Pay Advance decide to add instant funding options? 

Jason answers this, “Net Pay Advance decided to add instant funding because it was highly requested by customers… The convenience in general was one of the main reasons why we added instant funding. We wanted our customers to have the funds available as soon as they needed them.”

At Net Pay Advance, we listen to our customers. It would be impossible to add every single request and suggestion, but we try. We listen closely to every customer review to see what we’re doing well, and where we can improve. When we see many customers have a similar request, we try to add it. 

Two reviews from 2018 and 2019 of customers asking for same day funding options.

 That’s just what we’ve done here by adding instant funding.  

Three reviews of people saying they're happy with our same day funding or instant funding.

ACH Funded loans  

Traditional loans are paid via ACH. If approved for a loan, don’t worry if you don’t opt in or qualify for instant funding. You’ll still get your funds the very next business day at the latest.  

How soon can I get the funds? 

Most customers say they get their funds by 10 AM the next business day, but it ultimately depends on your bank.  

It’s important to remember that ACH payments are based off business hours of operations. There’s a cutoff time for the next day funding. Loans must be approved by 7:30 PM CT/5:30 PM PT for funds to be available the next business day.  
Two people giving testimonials about the application time of 10 AM 

See more reviews.

Am I eligible for instant funding?

You are eligible for instant funding if your loan applied through Net Pay Advance is approved, and you have a valid debit card on file. A valid debit card is one that can accept instant funding. It is important to know that not every debit card is able to accept instant funding. This is dependent on your bank and card provider.

If we’re unable to transfer immediate funds through your debit card, or if you simply don’t have a valid debit card on file, rest assured you will receive funds via ACH transfer. ACH funding is delivered on the next business day.

If you want instant funding, and your current debit card doesn’t work, you could try using a different debit card to see if that does work for a future loan.

How to add your debit card to your account  

To qualify for instant funding, you’ll need to have a valid debit card on file.  

Customers can add their debit card to their application. Or, they can add their debit card to their account any time after that. 

Jason confirms, “Yes, customers can add their debit card when they apply for a loan or even after they’ve signed the contract. If a customer doesn’t have a debit card on file when applying for a loan, it will schedule to deposit via ACH. You can add a debit card later if you wish.”

There are a few ways to add a debit card.  

  • Add your debit card when completing your application. Here’s where you add that information.
Add your debit card to a new application screenshot of the app
  • Add your debit card to your account and receive instant funding on a future loan. Login to your account and add your debit card here:
Image shows how to get instant cash advance to debit card if you already have an account. White uppercase text on the left says: Add your debit card to an existing account. Screenshot of the app on the right bears the digit one at the top and shows a Jane Doe profile with options such as loans, bank verification, and rewards.
Screenshot of the app bears the digit two at the top and shows the prompt: Click to edit cards. There are options to add and edit information such as password, cards, and profile as one tries to get instant cash advance to debit card. Just below is another screenshot of the app labelled with the digit three at the top and it shows the option: edit card. Several fields ask for information such as card number, expiration, security code, billing name, billing address etc. Yellow bold text says input card information
  • Call us, and we can help add your card to your account. Jason explains, “[Customers] can always call us if they want us to add a card even after they’ve signed the contract. We’ll even reattempt instant funding if they’ve selected debit card payments as autopayment for their loan.”

Adding a debit card to your account isn’t necessary to be approved for a loan with Net Pay Advance. However, adding your debit card information allows us to attempt instant funding with your card.  

Besides instant funding, there are other perks to adding a valid debit card to your account. 

Instantly reapply for a loan 

As soon as we receive payment of your current loan, you have the ability to reapply for a new loan, if necessary. 

The difference though, is that with a valid debit card on file, we’ll receive your funds the same day you pay. That means, you can reapply the same day you submit payment.  

Without a valid debit card on file, you’ll submit payment through your bank, via an ACH, or electronic check. This takes three days to go through. We’ll receive your payment three days after you submit it. Once we receive your payment, you will then be able to reapply for a new loan.  

Many customers prefer to reapply the same day they submit their payment. It lets them keep more cash in their account. That option is available if you have a valid debit card on file. If not, you’ll have to wait the three days.  

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