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A blue and green clipboard with a checklist of best practices when working with an online payday loan provider. There's a yellow checkmark in a blue box next to each of the following suggestions. The suggestions are in blue text and say the following: "Only borrow what you need. Work with one lender at a a time. Only borrow for emergency expenses. Repay your loan ASAP!"

Things to know before you continue your search for a personal loan

Nearly 12 million Americans take out a quick cash advance loan every year. Check out our recommendations to ensure you have a positive online loans experience.

  • Only borrow the amount you need
  • Stick to one payday loans lender at a time
  • Use online payday loans for urgent expenses only
  • Aim to repay your personal loan as early as possible

Protect your finances: Choosing a reliable payday loan lender

When it comes to borrowing payday loans online, security should always be a top priority, By taking a few extra precautions and partnering with a trustworthy direct lender, you can ensure that your payday loan experience is both secure and stress-free.

A payday advance lender should be committed to protecting your security and financial success. Don’t take chances with your information and money. Choose a reliable direct lender that emphasizes the importance of online loan security.

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State licensed Direct Lender Badge in front of a phone and laptop

Determine if a provider is a state-licensed direct lender by

• Seeing if they list the information on their website
• Calling and asking if they can provide you with license information

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Good-sense financial tips

As you search for the best online payday loans lender for you, it’s worth considering some additional financial tips. These can help you stay ahead of the game.

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Prioritize repaying your debts

How to spot a legit lender

To avoid headaches down the road, ensure that a payday loans company is legitimate. Here are a few ways you can determine if you should work with a lender.

green ribbon icon

Lender has available links to their licenses

green chat bubbles indicating that people are talking to each other and the recipient is typing

Website shows validating trust factors such as reviews

This information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be constructed as financial or legal advice. Please consult a lawyer or financial advisor if you need these services.

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