Saving Money Is as Simple as Downloading an App to Your Phone

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When the opportunity for saving money arises, we can almost guarantee that nobody would pass it up. Most of us always have our eyes peeled for a good deal, but did you know that you may have been overlooking one of the easiest ways to save money this whole time?

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, money saving possibilities present themselves as applications that can be easily downloaded onto your phone. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones to get you started on your savings.


Mint – This app follows the activity on all your accounts – checking, saving, retirement, and any others – and records and categorizes your transactions. Mint also watches your patterns of spending to formulate a personalized budget for you. One major plus? It’s free.

Chime – This banking app comes with a spending account and debit card. You can deposit money, monitor transactions, and keep an eye on your spending habits. You can also set up a savings account, which Chime will automatically feed 10 percent of every paycheck into.

Digit – Digit is a tool to help you comfortably save money based on your income and expenses. Without you having to do any work, Digit determines what you can afford to save and does it for you.

YNAB – You Need a Budget does exactly what you’d expect – creates a budget to help you better manage your finances. It operates on a set of rules to help you make smarter spending decisions and alleviate stress.


Shopkick – With over 6 million users already, Shopkick is widely known for its great deals. Earn points by making purchases and walking into stores, then turn those points into gift cards. Shopkick features a lot of the most popular stores, so browsing for your favorite products is easy.

Ibotta – Want to earn real, actual money for your shopping? Use Ibotta to find products you’re looking for, then complete a task (like watching a video or taking a poll), purchase your item, and verify with your receipt. Cash will then be deposited to a PayPal account or converted to gift cards!

RetailMeNot – RetailMeNot features thousands of coupons to your favorite brands. Save the coupons you like and simply present them at the cash register in your favorite stores!

Honey – Honey collects all the best coupon codes and automatically applies them for you when you do your online shopping. The savings will appear without you having to do any work. As Time Magazine says – it’s basically free money!


GasBuddy – This app helps you find the cheapest gas prices nearest to your location. There are nearly 32 million visitors, meaning the app is almost constantly up-to-date. Plus, you earn rewards for reporting gas prices!

Roomer – Use this app to find hotel rooms that aren’t wanted at incredible discounts. If you can find dates and times that work for you, you can get rooms for discounts of 70% or more. And, if you need to, you can give away a room to a traveler who needs one.

Turo – Turo is an app for people to rent their vehicles out at prices usually much cheaper than most car rental services offer. Many owners deliver the cars to renters or airports for easy pick up, and you can potentially even get nice vehicles for under $50 a day.


Groupon – Groupon collects deals from all kinds of services in your area, like restaurants, retailers, hotels, and more. Just search by your location to find great deals!

Amazon Local – This app lets you search for money saving opportunities near your location. You can purchase them directly from your phone, and set your preferences so that app knows your interests and can give you suggestions you might like.

Acorns – The Acorns app allows you to automatically deposit spare change and small amounts of money into the different investments in your portfolio, without you having to do any work. It’s convenient and simplifies the sometimes tiresome process of investing!

If you like these apps, you can do a quick search for more at any time! The possibilities are endless, and saving money is definitely never a bad thing. We hope you use these tools to your advantage, because even the little things (like these easy to use apps!) can make a difference in your financial situation.

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