Call Center vs Contact Center: Why Our Contact Center Puts Net Pay Advance Above the Rest

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Customer service is at the heart of any successful business, and one of the main ways (if not the main way) for customers to get in touch with businesses is by making a phone call. Call centers have been around since the late 1960s – and have done nothing but evolve since then.

As technology and the needs of consumers advance, call centers have slowly shifted into something more: contact centers. But what exactly does a contact center entail, and how are they different from the tried and true call center?

Call center

The concept of a call center is simple: the main (and only) method of support is over the phone through voice. Customers make inbound calls with inquiries or looking for help, and representatives make outbound calls looking to make sales. The most common types of phone calls received by call centers are customers in need of tech support, customers with questions about billing, or potential customers calling to have their questions answered.

Call centers often have a bad reputation due to language barriers, long wait times, or customers feeling as though they’re being misunderstood or treated poorly. Unfortunately, while this reputation is often misguided, this partly contributed to the birth of contact centers as call centers realized they needed to do more to please their customers.

Contact center

Contact centers are the modernized, more developed version of call centers. While the use of inbound and outbound calls persists in contact centers, the use of other forms of communication is what gives them their name. Less about taking and making phone calls and more about allowing customers to easily get in touch, contact centers utilize email, text messaging, web-based chat, and other digital services to provide the best, most convenient customer service.

The drive behind contact centers is to be more available and more inclusive: many people find emailing or texting to be less stressful than making a phone call, and some people may have access to computers but not to phones. There are any number of situations that may limit a person’s options for contacting a business, so contact centers are a much-needed improvement.

What Net Pay Advance offers

Excellent customer service is the most important thing to all of us here at Net Pay Advance. Taking care of our customers is a necessity and the number one thing we concern ourselves with. Because of our loyalty to our customers, we have created a contact center designed to leave no customer behind. Prefer to text? Email? Use Facebook Messenger? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all:

And, when logged into your account, we offer a website chat feature!

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