Money Saving Vacation Tips that Will Change the Way You Travel

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It’s around mid-March when the cabin fever from winter starts to take a toll on your mental health. That’s why every year spring break hits, the kids are out of school, the weather (hopefully) takes a turn and you can see the light shining towards summer. In order to gear up for the remainder of the school year of just simply because you need a mental break from the hustle and bustle of everyday, taking a spring break excursion can be the perfect cure for your winter blues.

We all know that travelling is expensive. Eating out, staying in hotels, visiting amusements all costs money. So how can you get the best experience without spending a ton of your hard-earned cash? See below for a few ideas.

Opt for a long weekend

Shortening the amount of days is one of the easiest ways to cut down costs. Instead of a 5-7 day trip, plan for a long weekend of 3-4 days. This will still give you some much needed downtime, but you won’t add extra day’s expenses.

Drive, don’t fly

Unless you’re planning in advance, flights are generally significantly more expensive than hitting the road. Find a group of friends that are also looking for a getaway and you can all split gas costs. Plus, travelling is usually more enjoyable when you’re with others (not to mention safer).

Pack coolers

One of the biggest expenses of travelling is food and drink, especially if you’re paying for yourself and children. Save yourself some money by preparing meals that are easy to re-heat or prepare while you’re away from home. Obviously, you will want to treat yourself on your vacation but if you can cut back by not eating out for every single meal it will save you a lot of money.

Change up your accommodations

The hotel/motel industry is being given a run for their money by companies like Airbnb & VRBO. These companies allow regular people to rent out their home or rooms in their home like a hotel for significantly less than traditional lodging. All hosts are required to go through a background check through the companies so you can feel secure. Also, reviews and images as well as a secure method of payment are all provided through the app.

Do your research

Before hitting the road, do a quick internet search about activities where you’re going. This way you can read reviews and suggestions from locals or other people who have visited to ensure that your time is well-spent. Also, you can specifically search for low-cost entertainment options.

Create a vacation at home

The ultimate save option is staying right where you are. Doesn’t sound like a vacation, right? Wrong! Take time off work and allow yourself time to enjoy yourself. Put the errands and to-do list on hold this is vacation. Check out deals for spa treatments, sleep-in, grab lunch with your friends, take a trip to the local park, visit a museum or play that you’ve been wanting to see, check out a movie, hit up the town. There are plenty of ways that you can get a mental break without leaving your city. Get creative!

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