How I Earned Additional Income with Amazon Associates Program

How I earned an additional income with Amazon Associates Program bog article image

As a blogger, I am always trying to come up with creative content while also still keeping my readers in mind and making my blog easy to use for them. Blogging can also become a business for some people and that means translating your content into cash. Unfortunately, some people may forget to really think about their readers when money comes into play. Amazon associates is a great way to help you, but also help your readers! Even if you aren’t a blogger the Amazon Associates program can help your business and bank account!

The program is a way for you to advertise on your site. You can create links for different products or run ads for shopping advertisements. The links make it super easy for your readers to get the products you mention on your page without having to search on their own or leave your page in the process. Those links also benefit you. Once your viewers click through the links you provide and make a purchase, you receive a percentage of their purchase.

As for signing up for Amazon Associates, it was super easy. It only took me about 10 minutes to complete and I had no troubles with any of the questions they asked for the application. On my own site I love to make it easier for my readers to purchase the products that I’m using and recommending. Using the Amazon Affiliate program is just taking my recommendations the next step because I can actually make some money from my suggestions.

The first blog post I used Amazon Associates was two cooking videos about using one cheap grocery item in two dishes. Recipe videos always cause readers to want to make that recipe right away and use the same products that I used. Amazon associates made it really easy for me to create the links. I had the option of creating just a regular link or the link could include just a picture or even a picture of the product with the price. Since I was already creating links for my readers before I subscribed to this program, this way it actually benefits me as well as my readers.

Checking to see how much money you are making from the program is even easier. Once you log into your account you can see charts of how much money you are making and even better what links you have created are being the most clicked on and used the most. It is really fast to check and make sure your links are actually providing something for your readers.

If you want to take your blog or site to the next level and make it easier for your readers and easier on your bank account Amazon Associates is a quick easy way to do both in one simple step. Get started today here

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