Promo Codes and Discounts You Didn’t Know You Can Get with Net Pay Advance

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We have evolved from a business-focused market to a customer-focused market. Instead of businesses telling consumers about the product and bringing information to the customer that is looking to purchase, now businesses need to prove to the customer why they are the better choice. Why has this happened? Simple, the internet. Consumers are more educated than ever and can find anything they would like to know about a product with a simple Google search.

What does this mean for both the business and consumer? Well, the way consumers purchase is different. When all options are in front of someone, they get to decide which is best for them; rather than relying on what the business tells them is right for them. This means that businesses need to step up their game when it comes to winning over customers. Asking ourselves, “what can we do for our customer?” that will ultimately entice the customer to be loyal to our company.

Frequently, we are asked if we offer discounts or promo codes from our customers. We get it, if you’re in a position where a short-term loan is your solution, every dollar counts. We are happy to oblige when we can.

If you are a customer, or thinking about applying, you have probably seen the “VIP Treatment” on our website. We know that discounts are important to our customers which is why we developed the “VIP Program” for our customers. Here, at Net Pay Advance, we are unable to offer a discount for every single loan, but we do try our best to provide the customers with some kickback for being awesome.

What is the VIP Program?

The Net Pay Advance VIP Program has been developed with customers in mind. We created VIP “levels” that offer a certain discount dependent upon how many loans a customer has had and paid back on time. All approved customers start at the VIP level, and can move up levels to Elite, Celebrity, A-List, and finally Superstar.

How can you move up in the program? Staying out of collections by paying back your loan on time five times will move you to the next level. Customers that go into collections for less than 30 days past their due date, will fall only one level, but longer than that means that they will go back to VIP level.

How do you save with the VIP Program?

Each time a customer moves up a level, they will receive a discount on the next loan. Since we are unable to offer a discount on every single loan, the discount is applied when they move up a level. For example, Jack has taken out five times and paid back his loan on his due date each time. Jack will receive a 15% discount that is applied to loan fees on his sixth loan.

Each level is a higher discount, starting at 15% off and going up to 45% off at the Superstar level.

I loaned many times before July 10, 2017, why don’t they count?

Unfortunately, we unveiled this program with the new website in July 2017. To make things fair for everyone, we made the decision not to back-date any loan history. We know this is frustrating for some of you, and we hope that you are understanding.

If you’re ready to start saving, we’re happy to offer more information on our payday loans, installment loans and line-of-credit loans.

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