Four Simple Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow, closing out the month of October. For die-hard Halloween lovers, this is no surprise; they’ve had their houses decorated for weeks and their costumes picked out since this time last year. Their candy is already in a bowl by the door and they are ready.

For the rest of us, Halloween is a fun holiday, sure – but October went by way too fast, and some of you may be scrambling at the last possible second for treats to hand out or something to wear to a costume party.

While we can’t provide candy for trick-or-treaters, we can offer you some super easy costume ideas. Check them out!

Last-minute, DIY Halloween costumes


This one is as simple as they come – all you need is a picture frame! Make sure that it’s big enough to frame your face or stick your head through so you can really complete the costume. You can dress up or dress down, wear makeup or style your hair. Whenever someone asks what you are, just hold the frame up around your face. Ta-da! A self-portrait!

Don’t have a frame at home? Just stop by the nearest Walmart, Target, or craft store.

Materials: One picture frame


This one is also pretty basic but does require a little bit of craftiness. Find any white top – a t-shirt, a sweater, a dress, anything – or a white sheet or blanket. Using any black fabric (like an old shirt or towel) or black felt, cut out two medium sized ovals and one larger oval. With your glue of choice, glue the smaller ovals to your white shirt or sheet as eyes, and then place the bigger oval beneath them as your ghost’s mouth.

Tip: If you do choose to use a sheet instead of a shirt, cut out a space for your head to poke through. Otherwise, hang the sheet over your head and glue the ghost face on the sheet where your face will be. Cut out the fabric where your eyes are covered so you can see, and there you have it!

Materials: One white t-shirt or old white sheet, black felt or fabric, fabric glue or hot glue

Animal Onesies

This will (probably) require a trip to Walmart or Target. Both stores carry a decent selection of adult-sized animal onesies, meaning all you have to do is buy one and put it on. Boom. Costume.

Materials: One animal onesie

Error 404: Costume Not Found

Another one that takes just a teeny bit of effort. On a plain t-shirt with a fabric pen or gel paint, write across the front “Error 404: Costume Not Found.” It’s funny, and all you need to do after is wear the shirt.

Materials: Any color shirt and any color fabric pen or gel paint

Happy Halloween!

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