Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve (That Doesn’t Include Just Drinking Champagne)

fireworks in night sky

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to gear up for the next and final holiday of the winter season: New Year’s!

While there is no wrong way to celebrate New Year’s, enjoying the holiday by gathering with friends and family is always a great option. What better way to end 2024 and begin 2025 than by being surrounded by loved ones while having a great time?

We came up with a few suggestions for ways you can enjoy yourself this New Year’s Eve. Keep reading for some quality ideas!

Watch the sunrise

Since most of us will be staying up late to watch 2024 become 2025, why not hold out a few more hours? Take a drive to a good sunrise-viewing location (if you can) and watch as night becomes day. A beautiful sunrise to start the year will be a memory to hold on to. Don’t forget your camera!

Play board games

This requires a good-sized gathering of people, maybe a deck of cards, and some of your favorite party games or board games. Include some snacks and drinks and you’re all set for a night of entertainment! To spice things up a little, keep track of who wins the most games and give out prizes. This is a good one to turn into a tradition, too!

Hold a movie marathon

Put on your pajamas, pop some popcorn, and settle in on the couch for a cozy night in. Invite whomever you please and have everyone bring their favorite movie or provide your own. Turn out the lights and play as many movies as you want to or can between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Keep an eye on the clock and don’t fall asleep!

Attend a New Year’s themed party

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration, which means many places and many people will have a party in place for the evening. Find out from friends, family, or your favorite clubs if they a party (or two) for you to attend. Get out there, have a good time, drink some champagne, share a New Year’s kiss- the night is yours! Party away your 2024!

Want to get fancy? Host your own!

Light paper lanterns

At midnight on December 31st, launch paper lanterns into the sky. Chinese paper lanterns are said to symbolize a bright future and bring good luck, two things you definitely deserve in the new year.

Do some baking

The most delicious way to pass the time on New Year’s Eve! Whether by yourself or with others, pick out a few of your favorite recipes and get to baking. The best part is, when New Year’s Day arrives, you’ll have an abundance of sweet treats to indulge in. Pair your baked goods with some homemade hot chocolate and say hello to January!

Happy New Year’s! Thanks for many great years here at Net Pay Advance – here’s to many more!

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