How Do Payments Work at Net Pay Advance? Paying Back Your Online Payday Loan Made Simple

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Getting a short-term loan at Net Pay Advance is as easy as completing an application if you are a new customer or logging into your Net Pay Advance account and requesting to re-loan from your account if you are a returning customer. Either way, the processes are designed to follow our company-wide mindset; simple, secure, and trusted.

Now, when it’s time to pay back a loan we make sure that this process follows the same principles as the application process. Which is why we frequently are asked why we automatically run payments on their due date.

The simplest answer for this question is that it’s one less thing for our customer to do. Paying back your payday loan at Net Pay Advance is simple because we do all the leg-work for you.

How do I know when Net Pay Advance is going to run a payment?

Customers with a loan that is coming due will receive a series of informational communications advising them when their loan is due and that a payment will be processed from the bank account or debit card on file on that date. These will come in the form of an email, text message, and/or phone call starting five days prior to payment being due.

If a customer is unable to pay on their due date, they can request an extension of three days by logging into their account at, making an extension request, and re-signing the updated loan documents.

Customers that don’t extend the due date and do not pay on their due date will be notified that a payment was not made, and the account will be moved into Collections where additional fees may be applied for non-payment along with collection activity on the account. Paying a past-due balance as soon as possible is highly encouraged.

What types of payments does Net Pay Advance accept?

While paying with a debit card is by far the simplest payment option for customers, as they can pay-off and re-apply the same day, we do offer multiple ways to pay back your loan. ACH transfers from the bank account on file, money orders, and certain prepaid cards are accepted as a form of payment. Please note, that we do not accept personal checks as a form of payment.

What time do you automatically take a payment?

Payments are typically run in the morning the loan is due. Customers who make a payment using a debit card can see the payment immediately in their bank account and can also re-loan the same day, if they need money.  Customers that make payment via ACH transaction must wait up to four business days to re-apply, as that is how long it takes for us to see that the payment has cleared the bank.

For more information on when your loan is due or if you would like to know more about making a payment to Net Pay Advance, you can log into your account at or reach out to a live customer service representative at [email protected] or calling 888-942-3320.

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