Want To Improve Your Loan Experience? Follow These Steps

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An inside look at the loan process for Net Pay Advance.

We were asked the question: How can I improve my experience with Net Pay Advance? So, we went straight to the source. We asked our customer service and collection teams what advice they would give to customers. Here are their answers.

“Always verify your bank information before applying/reapplying. We want to make sure you get your funds as quickly as possible.”

We never want your funds to go into the wrong bank account. Double or even triple checking your bank account number and routing number can save a lot of time, energy, and frustration. Ensuring you have the correct information for the right account makes the process smoother.

“Only borrow what you need.” 

After reviewing your application, we will let you know how much money you are approved for. There is always a chance you might be approved for more than you need. We recommend you only borrow what you need. If you need the money to fix a tire, you should only borrow the amount of money it takes to fix a tire. It can be tempting to accept more money, especially during a difficult month. Only taking the cash you need now can help you save money in the long run. 

“Try working with one loan provider at a time.”

Loyalty has its benefits. There are many benefits to working with just one loan provider. Here are three of them: (1) cash benefits, (2) avoiding debt cycles, and (3) increased security. Customers with solid repayment history qualify for select discounts on loan fees. Working with just one lender helps a person avoid debt cycles. We have all heard the horror stories of debt cycles. People get into a cycle where they borrow from one lender to pay back another. Staying with just one lender does not allow you to fall into the debt cycle. You also have increased security when working with one lender. You have borrowed from a company before, and now you know their process. You also know that you can trust their security. When you apply with a bunch of different lenders, it means that a bunch of different people have access to your name, address, social security number, and more. Sticking with just one lender keeps your information more secure.

“Send a referral code to friends or family. You can make $20 and they can save 20%.” 

Want to make $20? Customers that have enjoyed their experience with Net Pay Advance can send a unique referral code to friends and family. If their friend loans with Net Pay Advance, our customer receives $20, and their friend saves 20% on fees! We have a whole video on this

“You have 24/7 access to your online account. If you have questions, you can call our team during office hours.”

You can access so much from your account! Simply go to https://secure.netpayadvance.com/dashboard to access your account any time of the day. You can see your current loan balance, check your due date, extend your due date, update bank information, see your unique referral code, see your loan and payment history, and more. We make the whole loan process easy. You can access all of this without even leaving the couch! 

Of course, if you do need help, we have a very friendly team standing by to take your call. We are open Monday – Saturday. Our California hours are Monday – Friday 7 AM (PT) – 6 PM (PT) and Saturday from 9 AM (PT) – 1 PM (PT). Our Texas hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM (CT) – 8 PM (CT) and Saturday from 11 AM (CT) – 3 PM (CT). Call us at 1.888.942.3320. For a complete list of our contact information, you can visit www.netpayadvance.com/pages/ContactUs.aspx

“Need more time on your loan? Extend your due date online. It saves you a phone call.”

By logging into your account, you can easily extend your due date up to three days. It is free! 

“Check out our interactive voice response (IVR) options: check your loan status, make a payment, or change your password.” 

If you call us during the hours that we are closed, you will be able to reach an automated phone system. You can still use the automated phone system to check your loan status, make a payment, or change your password. 

“Pay it back on time to keep costs low and qualify for the VIP experience.”

Paying your balance back on time has two benefits. It allows you to save money by avoiding late fees! In addition, we offer a VIP program to our customers with good payment history. Superstar customers can receive 20% off! 

“Add a card on file to automate process and avoid late fees!”

Worried about forgetting to pay on your due date? You can set up your account so that payment is automated. By allowing automated payments, you can avoid late fees and missing due dates.

“If a payday loan customer gets a message about their debit card declining, they should not worry too much. They have until 5 PM (PT)/ 7 PM (CT) that day to manually submit payment.”

If you receive notification that your debit card is declined, you can go back online to check that your debit card information was entered correctly. You can also pay with an ACH. It takes 4 days for us to process and ACH. Once the ACH has gone through though, you can reapply with us again. 

“I recommend that Texas installment loan customers opt into auto debits.” 

You can set up your account so that payment is automated. By allowing automated payments, you can avoid late fees and missing due dates. 

“If you are going to miss a due date, give us a call so that we can see what payment plan options you might qualify for.” 

Calling us can help. We might notice that you still have 3 days you can extend your due date. We can see if you qualify for an Extended Payment Plan. Even if your account does go past due, we can still offer a free promise-to-pay plan. This payment plan breaks up your balance into smaller, more manageable payments. It also helps stop collection activity. 

“If you miss your payment, stay in contact.” 

We know even good people miss a payment every now and then. Staying in contact lets us know that you are actively trying to pay it back. Talk to us about our payment plan option. It can help divvy up the amount due into smaller pieces. You can sign up for this payment plan online or over the phone. 

“Always keep a debit card on file it makes re-loaning quicker!” 

Keeping your debit card information on file simplifies the process. If you decide to re-loan in the future, your debit card information is already there! 

At Net Pay Advance, we strive to make the loan process simple, secure, and trusted. We hope that by providing information like this, it helps simplify the process for you or your friends! Want more information about lending with Net Pay Advance? Check out some of these other links:

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