Net Pay Advance Money Saving Tips

Here at Net Pay Advance we help you get cash when you are in pinch, but we wanted to give you more! We use money saving tips just like everyone else and want to share some of our favorite tips and tricks with you. This series will consist of our employees favorite money saving ideas they use. Here are a few to start off the series.

Jamie: “I always find stuff is cheaper on than in the store, sometimes half the price, so if I have something specific I want to buy, I check the online price first. If Walmart doesnt price match their own site, (sometimes they don’t) I just ship to the store because it’s free.”

Becky: “I like to use an app called Flipp. It allows me to compare ads for different companies like Save-A-Lot, Dillon’s, Aldi, Auto Zone, Bed, Bath and Beyond and MANY more! I also started packing my lunch for work and I have saved a whole tank of gas by doing so. Not to mention I’m saving a bunch of miles on my car!”

Amber: “With any bill I pay, I always ask 2 things: 1. Can I choose my billing date? This allows me to make sure my bills don’t all have to come out of one check. 2. Do you have an average bill pay program? This helps me to better estimate what my bill is going to be so I can budget the rest of my check around my bills.”

Kelsey: “Buy the off-brand version of some things, especially Kroger brand from Dillons. It looks/tastes almost exactly the same as the name brand version and plus it’s usually way cheaper!”

Renee: “I use the app Krazy Koupon Lady. It has a list of many different stores and will display deals using coupons that are available. Sometimes, when available, it will list product you can get for free or make money on by using coupons!”

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