Financial Planning for Families: Healthy Habits to Work Together as a Family

Healthy Financial Habits to Work Together as a family blog image

If your family consists of three people or twelve, saving money together makes a difference. Who doesn’t want a little extra money? Saving money can be so easy, but sometimes we over look easy places to save. We have five simple ways for you and your family to save a little bit of extra cash.

Turn the lights off

In the morning, evening or even afternoon when your family is leaving the house in a rush, things can get hectic. Lights and televisions sometimes can be left on for hours on end while you are out of the house. If you are guilty of leaving your electronics on, your electric company is thanking you for the extra money you are paying them that month. Cut down your bill by .75 cents per hours just taking a couple seconds before you leave the house to turn off the lights and any other electronics. That saves 6 cents every night you sleep 8 hours with the lights off.

Family game night in

Kids love to go out to an arcade or trampoline park, but it can get pricey, fast. Make it fun for the kids and save money by hosting game night at home. If you make it a weekly or monthly tradition, the kids will forget about going to an expensive trampoline park and want to spend every game night at home!

Hand me down clothes

Although this one seems obvious, it can hard to stick to your guns when your kids are begging you for new clothing. Get hand me down clothes from friend and family or buy from second hand shops. It is a great way to save hundreds of dollars while getting the most for your money. Don’t think this one is just for kids; there are amazing second hand clothing stores for adults as well!

Grocery shopping without the kids

Taking kids to the grocery store can sometimes be a disaster to your bank account. They will throw items in the cart you don’t need and that are not within your grocery budget for the week. Leave them at home with your partner or another family member while you do the grocery shopping to get the most efficient grocery shopping done.

Family garden

Having a family garden is a great way for your family to spend time together while also saving a little bit of money. It make take time for your herbs and vegetables to grow but before you know it your kids will be going out to the garden before dinner to pick vegetables from your garden, instead of going to the grocery store to buy them.

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