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What you need to apply
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Be at least 18 years of age or older

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Be a Texas resident

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An active bank account in your name

Personal loan options for Texas residents

The application process takes only a few minutes. You’ll have an instant decision the same day. Deposits are fast, too. We believe in same-day loans. See why 8,000+ customers recommend us!

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Installment Loan

Net Pay Advance offers an installment loan product option for Texas residents. You can repay this personal loan in smaller amounts over a 180-day period.

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How to get our Texas payday loans online

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Complete our simple and secure online application in minutes. Once you hit submit, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Our team will review your application and give you an instant decision.

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Approved funds are directly deposited to your account the same day*!

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Our goal is to deliver the best payday loans online experience possible. See what Texas payday loan customers say about us!

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Rates and Terms

We’re proud to be a state-licensed lender for personal loans to Texas residents. See our rates and terms for Texas payday loans online here.

We provide Texas payday loans online. These are just some cities in Texas we service!

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans Dallas, TX

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans Fort Worth, TX

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans San Antonio, TX

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans Waco, TX

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans Austin, TX

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans El Paso, TX

Red/pink map pin drop icon Payday loans Arlington, TX

Why choose licensed lender Net Pay Advance for Texas payday loans

Borrowers typically choose us for payday loans online for many reasons. One key benefit is that we provide security and simplicity, making the technology behind our same day loans more trustworthy than most others. As a Texas-licensed lender, Net Pay Advance, has many security processes in place to help protect you from prying eyes. That license means we’re held to higher regulations than other lenders in the market. Not to mention, our payday loans online process is designed to be simple!

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Check that your lender is state-licensed:

  • See if they list the information on their website
  • Call them for more information about their licenses

Our payday loans offer high online security

One of the main reasons people borrow with us is our security processes and dedication to our customers’ privacy. We never sell your personal information. Rather, we protect it. We use several processes such as the latest security software to keep data safe. Our staff also undergoes rigorous training periodically to handle information with best practices for security.

On the other hand, working with other lenders with less security means you may not know who has access to your information. Your data may even be sent to a fraudulent party! More, you could receive lots of mail that is unsolicited from other companies. They may send you offers that you will not be approved to borrow. It could be confusing to know who you’re actually borrowing from! You don’t have to worry about that with payday loans online from Net Pay Advance. We’re with your through each step of the payday loan process. You can call us any time that you have a question.

We are committed to giving our customers a positive experience with our Texas payday loans online. Our goal is that smart consumers will choose Net Pay Advance for an instant payday loan. With us, our information stays safe, the process is hassle-free, and you get more peace of mind.

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Being a customer with Net Pay Advance means you can get your money fast—and enjoy some great perks. Check out all the benefits.

White Check Mark in a Green Circle No hard credit check

White Check Mark in a Green Circle Free due date extensions

White Check Mark in a Green Circle Mobile app available

White Check Mark in a Green Circle Rewards program & discounts

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Same day installment loans Texas

Our online loans are one of the fastest ways to get cash. We offer same day loans as well as next-day deposits. With our same day loans, you get your money instantly when you have a valid debit card on file. Our quick next-day loans are available for customers without a valid debit card on file.

We are dedicated to providing fast installment loans. All with no hard credit check. We believe in instant solutions for our Texas customers and we’re here to make that happen. Read more about our fast cash advance solutions.

Text gif that reads "heard about your car. If you need 'money' I recommend Net Pay Advance". The blue chat bubble response is "But I need more than a couple hundred". The gray chat bubble replies. " They offer same day personal loans up to $1,200. They've help me!" the blue chat bubble response with "NICE! I'm checking them out now!"
A blue and green clipboard with a checklist of best practices when working with an online payday loan provider. There's a yellow checkmark in a blue box next to each of the following suggestions. The suggestions are in blue text and say the following: "Only borrow what you need. Work with one lender at a a time. Only borrow for emergency expenses. Repay your loan ASAP!"

Smart practices for payday loans in Texas

Did you know that almost 12 million Americans choose to take out a personal loan every year? For some people, getting an instant payday loan may be the only choice for their situation. We provide payday loans online with no hard credit check. This makes our same day loans convenient. Nonetheless, customers should follow good loan practices. Here are a few practices that we recommend:

  • Apply for only the funds you need to cover an emergency expense. It can be hard to turn down extra cash, but only taking what you need can help keep expenses down.
  • Work with just one payday lender at a time. This will help you avoid snowball debt or debt cycles.
  • Use online payday loans for emergency expenses only.
  • Repay your loan as soon as possible.

Repaying your Texas payday loan

Making repayments as soon as possible is considered one of the best practices for payday loans online customers. This will keep expenses down by avoiding late fees. At Net Pay Advance, we are here to help our customers at every stage of their journey. If you realize that you will not have funds in time to make your repayment, you can extend your due date by 5 days for free! If you need more than 5 days, we offer a Promise-to-Pay (PTP) plan. The PTP plan allows you to break up the payment into smaller, more manageable amounts. Learn more about your options here.

blue neon lights spell out the words "Rewards Program"

At Net Pay Advance, we’re all about helping our customers make the most of their time and money. That’s why we built a rewards program. When you borrow with us, you can earn rewards that will save you money on payday loans in the future. It’s our way of giving back to customers.

Our free rewards program is easy to use. Complete tasks, earn points, and redeem them for awesome discounts! Does that sound like something you could use? It’s just one of our many customer benefits. Check out our rewards program and apply for your online payday loan Texas today.

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Discover why our customers think we provide one of the best online payday loans in Texas

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