Affordable and Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2024

Affordable & Unique Mother's Day gifts ideas blog article images

Wow your mother or grandmother with these affordable yet meaningful ideas 

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May every year. Are you prepared? Do not say you forgot as an excuse. There are still plenty of affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas that are available. 

My mother and I live 400 miles apart! We are still really close though. We have dinner together, we watch movies, and I call her up when I do not know what I am doing with my life. That is why I am an expert on celebrating Mother’s Day. Whether you cannot see your mom because of distance, or health concerns, you can still celebrate Mother’s Day. In addition, you can still find a gift within your budget. 

Today we will be talking about affordable gift ideas. These are gifts that your mother will actually want. Rest assured that these gifts are mother approved! 

Easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas 

These gift ideas are affordable and sentimental. These unique gifts show your mom how important she is to you.

Use your talents. Do you have a hobby? Use the skills you have like singing, drawing, or knitting to create a unique gift for your mother. Write a song about how great your mom is and record yourself singing it. If you draw or paint, you could create a beautiful portrait of your mother. Crochet, knit, or sew a hat or pillowcase for your mother. If you are not sure where to start, here are some helpful Mother’s Day knitting patterns

If you were not born with artistic talent, make a photo album instead. My mom is sentimental. Almost every Christmas she pulls the baby book out and looks at the baby pictures of me and my siblings. As we all got older, our mom had less time to make photo books. Use pictures from the last 10 years to make a family picture book for your mom. Craft stores like Michaels will have a lot of photobook supplies. They have stickers, glitter, ribbon, stamps, and more. You can get as crafty as you want to be, or you can take a simple approach with just images and a background. Most craft stores allow for curbside pickup. If that does not work for you, there are also online photobook options. Check out Mixbook or the Walgreens photo department for your photobook needs.

Ultimately, what you create is up to you. Depending on how close you live, you can drop a gift off at her house or mail it. With some of these gifts, you can easily send it to her electronically on Mother’s Day. You can make a gift now, and schedule it to send over email on a specific day. Learn how to schedule an email so that you can make sure it is sent on May 10th. Nothing is worse than making a gift on time, and then forgetting to send it the right day. 

Quality time and acts of service Mother’s Day gift ideas  

These quality time gift ideas work even if you both practice social distancing. If you do not live at home with your mother, it is likely that you do not see her that much. Quality time is one way to show your mom how much you care. 

Call your mom! Skype also works. What mother does not love a call from their child? Catch up with your mom over the phone, Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. Use the form of contact she prefers. You can enjoy a dinner together, or just schedule aside an hour to talk. Besides time, this gift is free. I personally recommend doing this in addition to another gift on this list. 

Take your mom out for dinner. Many restaurants are closed or only offering curbside food. Order food for both you and your mom. Make sure it is two separate orders so that it comes in two separate bags. You can both drive your cars to pick up the two orders, and then drive to a nearby park. You can get out of your cars and have a picnic 6 feet apart. Or you can both park your cars 6 feet apart and roll the windows down and eat dinner. If you live far, you can also order her curbside food at her favorite local restaurant! Skype over dinner when she gets back home. 

Go for a neighborhood walk. If you live in the same city, you can both go on a walk in her neighborhood. Going for a walk is easy exercise. It can be really relaxing. If you both still want to practice social distancing, you can walk 6 ft apart. 6 ft is still close enough to talk to each other without worrying too much about the spread of germs. 

Watch a movie together. See if your streaming service will let you play a movie over a shared screen on Skype. It really depends on your computer. Some computers will let you directly share computer audio across Skype. Other computers will require you to turn your volume up so the mic can pick up the audio. If that does not work, you can try using the Netflix Party Chrome extension. My mom and I have been watching Ozark this way, and it has been great. 

Wash her car or mow the lawn. Doing housework around the outside of the house can be a big help. My mom’s love language is acts of service. This is the exact kind of gift she would like. I cannot drive down hundreds of miles to do these, but I could buy her a gift card or pay her neighbor to do these things. 

Quit a bad habit she hates. Is there something you do that she cannot stand? Do you smoke, drink, or refuse to go to the gym? If your mom has a pet peeve about something that you do, you can cut that item out of your life. They say mother knows best. If she thinks you have a bad habit, it might be a bad habit. Promise to cut a bad habit, and then actually do it. This gift does not work if you say you will stop a bad habit, and then do not. 

Mother’s Day gift ideas under $20  

These gift ideas are all under $20. It really depends on what your mother likes, but these are fun gifts that almost any mother would love. Shopping links are included below for each item. 

Give her the gift of free time. This gift does not actually have any additional costs for you. It is just more about sharing what you already have. Consider sharing your login information on a streaming service you pay for each month. If your parents let you watch TV as a kid for free, now you can repay them. Share your TV by sharing your Netflix or Hulu login. Nothing says “love you” like a Netflix password. Just be prepared to see some questionable titles in the recently viewed category. 

My mom loves music from the 70’s and 80’s. I can get her these cool music playing cards. The cards do not actually play music. However, they do have cool designs of some of her favorite musicians. She would love to play a card game with this set!. 

Your mom probably cannot go to the spa right now. Instead, you can order her some bath bombs so she can have her own spa day at home. You can get sea salt bath bombs and face masks 

Do not forget about her favorite child – her pet! Does your mom have a dog or cat now that she loves more than you? Make sure everyone knows with one of these cute decal stickers

Doing one of these ideas for your mother? Comment below and let us know how it goes.

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