Why We Are More Than Just Another Online Payday Advance Loan Provider: Our Additional Free Services

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Behind the scenes – Net Pay Advance discounts and personal finance information 

There are many reasons our customers think we are one of the best online payday loan providers. Check out our Trustpilot, and you will see thousands of positive reviews. Customers like that we are one of the few direct payday lenders in their area. They like that they can get quick cash or an emergency loan from us. They like how quickly they can get their money. Customers can get an almost instant loan online with us. It only takes one business day to receive funds. Our customers like that they have access to other free resources too. 

Net Pay Advance discounts 

Our customers have access to incentive programs. Instead of Net Pay Advance promo codes, we have a VIP program already in place. Loyal customers with good payment history can save up to 20% on loan fees! The best part is that the VIP program is automatic. You will not need any Net Pay Advance discount codes to get started with the plan. You can visit our incentives page for more information on this Net Pay Advance discount.

We also have a 20/20 Referral program. Net Pay Advance customers can share their referral code with friends and family. If their friend uses that code to get approved for a loan, you both get rewards. You get $20, and your friend will save 20%! Watch this YouTube video for more information. The best part about this program, is that you can share your code with anyone, even strangers. If anyone takes out a loan using your referral code, you gain $20. If just five people use your referral code in one weekend, you could make $100! Plus, there is no limit to the amount of people you can refer! 

Net Pay Advance personal finance blog  

Our customers also have access to free articles. We talk about a lot of different topics. However, we primarily focus on topics like affordable living and personal finance. If you follow us on social media, you can stay up to date on our blogs. Read topics like Disney reviews, as well as inside looks at Net Pay Advance and payday loans

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We choose topics based on what information we think you would like to know next. We know that our customers are unique. So, we tailor our own content to be unique too. One week we might talk about affordable gift ideas, and the next week we might talk about identity theft. It really just depends. We know you have a wide variety of interests, and we try to aim for that. That is why you will find little fun pieces on good luck charms, or even hot date ideas. You will also find plenty of content on things like improving your credit scoreavoiding scams, and saving for an emergency fund. We have even had pieces that focused on COVID-19 and staying safe. We know that you want to stay informed about the virus, and that is why we continue to post content on it too. 

Many people like to use big words when talking about finances. We do not. If anything, we wish more people would make finances easier to understand. Everyone is impacted by personal financial decisions. So, why is information about those topics so difficult to learn? We want to keep personal finance simple. If you have questions about a cash advance, emergency loans, or instant loans, let us know. When you want to know what direct lender payday loans are, we can help with that. Additionally, if you want to know how to stay within a budget or save money, we can help there too. 

When we write about a topic, we make sure to do our due diligence. Either the person writing has experience on the topic, or they have done plenty of research and linked back to more information. When it comes to saving money and budgeting, our advice is tried and true. We avoid recommending things we have not tried first. Our advice comes from real people who know what it is like to miss a payment. We know what it is like to work on paying back a loan, or work on building a credit score. We are human. Our customers are diverse, and our team is just as diverse. We are here to help you when you have questions or need information about personal loans or personal finance. 

Is there a topic you want to know more about in life? Comment below and keep an eye out on our social media. We can talk about something light, like ways to save money on things around the house. Or we can talk about something serious, like saving for retirement or understanding 401Ks. We know that sometimes personal finances can be confusing. We really want to be here to help make it simple. What questions do you have that we can answer? Comment below and we will be sure to answer! 

Net Pay Advance is a licensed loan provider, locally owned and operated in Wichita, Kansas. Our No. 1 priority is helping you, the customer, by providing access to the cash you need and helping support financial independence goals with valuable, informational, and entertaining content. Stay up-to-date on our posts by following the Net Pay Advance Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Our organization is committed to transparency; learn more about our authors and editorial policy. The information provided within this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or legal advice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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