What Your Favorite Color Says About You

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Want to know your personality color it and what it says about you? Let’s find out!

The world around us is one giant collage with a myriad of hues. You can find almost every shade of every color in nature. As human beings, we find ourselves gravitating towards one color or more. Is it purely random that we favor one color over another? We believe it runs deeper than just personal preference.

Colors can impact how we feel. It’s no surprise then that how we feel, or how we view the world can also impact our favorite color. Color psychology studies how different colors affect one’s personality and behavior. Believe it or not, there is a science behind it and that’s why asking someone their favorite color could offer an insight into their personality. We believe it’s a smart question to ask when getting to know someone personally or even professionally.

Did you know that 90% of an initial impression can be influenced by color? That goes to show how crucial color can be in different scenarios. In the world of branding and marketing, color psychology is a principal element as it helps ascertain consumer behavior. It is reported that visual appearance of a product can impact buying decision for a whopping 93% of shoppers. This is why businesses need to consider color when designing their logo, creating ads, packaging their products, etc. The colors red and yellow are known to stimulate hunger and hence are used in fast food branding such as Mc Donald’s or Burger King. Inverse to that, the color blue is believed to act as an appetite suppressant. That’s why plenty of weight-loss programs advise using blue plates when trying to cut back on calories.

What is your favorite color and why?

We all have a favorite color although some of us may say they don’t. People subconsciously like some colors better than others, often without realizing. If you have a favorite color, have you ever considered why it is your favorite? Why out of all the hues in the world did you pick a specific one to be your favorite color? Perhaps you can recall the exact moment when you realized your favorite color is. It might have been a pretty painting, a cuddly teddy bear, or even a cool outfit you saw at the mall. Nonetheless, each color has specific traits with a tendency to attract a certain kind of person. Yes, your favorite color says a lot more about you than you’d care to admit.

Please note: Colors and their meanings can vary by country and by culture. Our list of favorite colors is based on trends in the United States. This article is purely for entertainment purposes.

Bonus: Take a look at our personality quiz at the end of our article. See what your favorite color says about you and share with your friends!

Study of colors

There’s a lot of value in colors. People have been studying the meaning behind colors for decades. In design, we see color theory. In personal assessments, we see personality colors. Colors can impact human perception and trigger certain feelings. Your favorite color generally makes you feel happy or positive and your personality color can help showcase some of your qualities and attributes.

Color Theory

Color theory can be explained as the study of colors and how to use them to create a desired effect or outcome. It is based on what different colors represent to a viewer. Certain colors contrast against each other while others can exist cohesively and create harmonious results.

An important feature of color theory is splitting colors into two groups – warm and cool. Warm colors evoke feelings of warmth and encourage engagement. Shades of yellow, orange, and red are classified as warm colors. Cool colors are calm and soothing to the viewers. Green, blue, and purple along with their shades are grouped under cool colors.

What is personality color?

A personality color comes from a group of four colors that aim to determine an individual’s characteristics based on which color among the four they identify with the most. These four colors represent four quadrants of personality traits and behaviors.

The four personality colors (red, yellow, white, blue) as described further below.

Personality colors were formulated based on theories by Carl Jung. The quadrants help analyze people’s personality types and predict behaviors. It provides guidelines for articulating relationships with different people with different personalities and gauge how they might react in favorable or unfavorable situations. When you know someone’s personality color, you have an insight into their behavior and how they act in certain situations.

What are the four personality colors?

Let’s take a look at the four personality colors and a few of their associated attributes:

  • Red: If your personality color is red, you feel the need to look good, be right, and feel respected. You love a good challenge and are often seen as a leader.
  • Blue: Is blue your personality color? You love feeling appreciated and strive to be reliable and focus on building strong relationships.
  • White: If white is your personality color, you are likely a critical thinker who often brings an objective view. When working with others, you are quite tolerant and see that acceptance and power can go a long way.
  • Yellow: If yellow is your personality color, you crave fun! You are the socialite looking to bring yourself almost as much joy as you bring others. You tend to be positive and spontaneous.

Although the above finds stand the test of time, there are more colors than the four personality colors. In this article, we will look at more variations in colors.

It could be tricky to elaborate on the teals and fuchsias of the world, but we have attempted to highlight popular favorite colors and what they signify.

What is the most popular favorite color?

Wondering how popular your favorite color is? You’re not alone. You Gov America did a study to find the most popular favorite colors around the world. In the US, the top favorite colors are blue, green, and purple.

Pie graph. What is the most popular favorite color? In order of popularity: Blue 31.5%, Green 15%, Purple 13.5%, Red 12%, Black 9%, Pink 5%, Yellow 4%, Orange 3%, White 2%, Brown 2%, Other 3%.

Now that we’ve determined which colors are the most popular, let’s discover what your favorite color says about you!

What your favorite color says about you

Curious what your favorite color says about you? Take a look!

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Title says, “What your favorite color says about you.” A quick bullet point overview of key traits of people that like the colors blue green, purple, pink, red, black, white, orange, brown, or yellow.

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at what your favorite color says about you!


3% of people identify orange as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: orange.

You’re a practical person. You may hate the saying, “A simple life is a happy life,” because it sounds too cliché. However, you do agree with the message, don’t you? You keep your life pretty simple. You believe that life goes by as it does, and you can either fight it or just go with it. You almost always choose the latter.

When it comes to your phone, you don’t have the latest model. You have the same phone you got a while ago, and you’ve kept it protected with your LifeProof or Otterbox case.

Regardless of your gender, most of your friends are guys. Your male friends like you because on the surface, you’re a straightforward person. Many of those around you describe you as being pretty laid back. If you cared more than you did, you’d take it as a compliment.

Sometimes you have trouble making close friendships, especially close friendships with girls. Although on the surface you’re calm and collected, the more people get to know you, the more they realize you’re rather spontaneous. Acquaintances are rarely surprised by your actions. Meanwhile, close friends can never seem to predict your next move.

You love the outdoors and nature, but you do not have a lot of hobbies or interests. On the weekends, you can be found hanging out with your friends outside around a bonfire.

Sometimes people think you are a troublemaker, but that is far from the truth. You’re not one to do anything truly bad.

You buy clothes because you need them, and they fit. Although, if you had to pick, you’d always choose comfort over fashion. Your outfits consist of jeans – specifically shorts or large baggy jeans because you find those to be the most comfortable – a shirt, and boots. You own shirts in several colors, but they tend to be one color. It’s rare for you to wear something with a pattern or unusual cut. When it’s cold, you can be found in a large bulky camouflage or black coat.

Want to know something really fascinating? Shutterstock and Pantone both released studies showing that in 2022 coral and marigold are some of the most popular colors!

TLDR orange description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like orange have in common.


2% of people identify brown as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: brown.

Wondering what is the rarest favorite color out there? Brown and white tie for the two rarest favorite colors.

How much coffee do you drink?

Don’t lie – it’s likely the only thing you drink. Although, you are open to tea or water as well.

Do you love the outdoors and nature as well? Are you an animal rights activist? Do you mostly only eat food that grew in your garden? Do you hate being called out like this?

If this sounds like you, you probably love the color brown. It reminds you of nature. You associate the color brown with wholesomeness and cohesion. With a solid attention to detail, you’re able to easily find beauty in all the things around you. Your favorite animal is one that is on the endangered animals list.

Your closet consists of baggy comfortable clothing that comes in only earthy tones.

You tend to be friends with people that like the colors blue, brown, and orange. You always try to see the good in life and wonder why anyone would ever purposely focus on the negative. You spend a lot of your free time reading.

Your grades or work ethic may not be the best (but they’re also far from the worst). Ultimately though, you genuinely love learning! You value education over everything else. It could be classic education like school, online courses, or even reading the news. You thrive on that intake of information.

TLDR brown description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like brown have in common.


2% of people identify white as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: White.

White is the other rarest favorite color! It ties with the color brown in popularity. In western cultures, white is traditionally associated with religion and purity. Regardless of your beliefs, you don’t necessarily associate your favorite color with those themes. Instead, you see it as a stand-alone color that embodies the best of all colors.

Friends love hanging out at your house because you’re clean and organized. Just like people that like the color blue, you tend to be a bit of a follower. That’s not a bad thing by any means. You let others lead, and in exchange, you’re able to provide the support they need. You’re fiercely loyal to your friends, and they know that.

You’re adaptable and open-minded. There’s rarely a time you can’t find common ground with someone.

You love the idea of a blank canvas, even if you don’t paint. You get excited about the idea of moving only because of the fresh start and new opportunities it provides.

TLDR white description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like white have in common.


4% of people selected blue as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Yellow

Yellow is your favorite color because it’s a bright color and reminds you of a sunny day. It always puts you in a good mood.

You feel the need to spread that joy to others. You’re consistently trying to make those around you happy as you try to be. It’s a conscious effort. You’re familiar with love languages and you see value in each type. You frequently spend time with others. But you’re no stranger to buying small gifts, sharing compliments, or helping out with acts of service.

Because of your warm personality, you have a lot of friends. You actively invite friends to grab coffee or lunch. If your friends invite you out to dance or grab drinks, you’re never opposed. However, only one to two close friends truly know all your secrets. Your friends’ favorite colors tend to be blue, yellow, or green.

You’re likely shorter than average height. That’s not a bad thing. If anything, you prefer tiny things. This includes ducks, babies, or even dogs. If you’re feminine, “Cute!” is a common word in your vocabulary. If you’re masculine, “Excellent!” takes its place.

The few times you’re alone, you’re likely to cuddle up in a chair with a delightful book or show. You almost always have a drink in your hand. It could be coffee, soda, boba tea, or even water.

Your closet? It’s mostly thrifted with large, oversized clothing. If you wear jewelry or accessories, it’s because the item has deepfelt meaning behind it or was given to you by someone close.

Keep going and enjoy your day. It’s going to be great!

TLDR version of the yellow description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like yellow have in common.


9% of people choose black as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Black

You picked the color black when you were younger ironically. Since then, it’s unironically become your favorite color.

You find fascination in mystery and intrigue. There’s a strong chance that Halloween is your favorite day of the year.

People that like red tend to be focused on the physical. They’re often athletic. On the flip side, people who like black are often focused on the mind and emotions. Do you consider yourself an empath? Are you aware of your emotions and the emotions of those around you?

It’s not just sensing the feelings of others. You’re very in-tune with how your surroundings make you feel, and you actively seek comfort. Because of that, you’re not one to shy away from a big price tag. You’ve brought expensive pieces without batting an eye because you know you’ll enjoy the luxury of how nice it feels or looks.

You love unique finds! You’ve realized when it comes to picking clothes or furniture, there are no rules to be held to. You love picking pieces that make you happy regardless of if it’s the norm. Speaking of which – you don’t really follow the norm. You’ve cracked the code on true happiness – even if you or others don’t notice it. You’ve discovered it’s completely fine to do what you want so long as you don’t hurt others. You instill that motto into everything you do.

You march to the beat of your own drum, and you’re honest and up-front. It’s the reason your friends adore you. Your strength, leadership, and trustworthiness are what keep your closest friends around over the years.

You’ve found a very niche balance between impulsiveness and seriousness. That balance keeps your friends entertained, but drives you nuts sometimes. This mentality can be the most beneficial or most impractical depending on your career.

TLDR version of the black description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like black have in common.


12% of people pick red as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Red

You’re very athletic. In high school, you were likely on the varsity team.

You try to avoid drama, but it has a tendency to find you… It appears in relationships, friendships, work, and even day-to-day life. Perhaps drama is attracted to your adventure-seeking spirit?

People that like the color red tend to be headstrong. You may be a natural-leader or a natural-follower. However, you will always have people that look up to you. Regardless of how you feel, you almost always appear confident. A word of caution—this can sometimes be mistaken for aggression.

Fashion? You don’t care about what’s in style. Yet your wardrobe does consist of bold and beautiful choices, and you have your favorite brands. You love statement pieces and accessories! Sometimes those statement pieces can cause you to overspend. Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures.

In color theory and design, the color red often represents passion. It’s ironic that so many people that like the color red often find a project or hobby they’re incredibly passionate about. You may be passionate about your job or sports. Or perhaps you have an untraditional hobby like ice skating or show jumping that you spend your weekends focused on practicing. It’s not unheard of to be passionate about art or theater either. With that passion comes drive. Anything you do, you believe should be done with at least 100% effort. You thrive on being a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

Keep that passion burning, and don’t forget that you are often your own toughest adversary.

TLDR version of the red description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like red have in common.


15% of people selected green as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Green

You are creative, open-minded, and intelligent. At first glance, people may think you come across a little blunt. But your friends know the truth—you have the biggest heart! You are exceedingly kind and caring, and your friends come first in your life. Is there an animal that you can only find in zoos near you? It’s probably your favorite animal. Penguins, giraffes, zebras, parrots? One of these is probably your favorite.

When it comes to clothes, you value comfort over fashion. On a daily basis, you can be found wearing jeans and a T-shirt. If you work in an office environment, you’re wearing your comfiest slacks and a button-up. The top button is never done though—it’s a deal you’ve made with yourself.

In school, you tended to be good with topics like art and science. You are a creative individual. In fact, a German study found that looking at the color green improves your creativity. You can commonly be found at home drawing, writing, or designing.

Your friend group includes a wide variety of people. You get along with a lot of different people. In addition, you’re quick to adapt. Whatever struggles may come your way, you’re able to manage around them.

TLDR version of the green description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like green have in common.


13.5% of people selected purple as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Purple

Purple is a bold color that attracts natural-born leaders. You probably don’t believe it, but you tend to be the center of attention in a group of friends. When it comes to school or work, you are intelligent! However, you’re also smart enough to realize there are other important things outside of your day job. You are relatively easy to get along with because you are kind and have a great smile. Your favorite animal? You’d probably have to pick a puppy or a kitten… or a baby seal!

Beyond those similarities, there are two distinct types of people that pick purple as their favorite color.

TLDR version of the purple description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like purple have in common.

Type I

The first type of person purple attracts is incredibly fashionable. When you glance in your closet, all you see are outdated outfits. However, your peers often note that you dress well. Regardless of gender, you are not opposed to wearing at least a little makeup—you know the value of concealer. Women who like purple are likely to wear more makeup—especially bold eyeshadow or eyeliner.

On the weekends, you’re out hanging with your friends. Sometimes others call you an extrovert, but you tend to disagree. They think you’re an extrovert because you can be outgoing and often meet others where they are. You’re not opposed to making new friends or cheering up the others around you.

Type II

The second type of person purple attracts has a similar personality to people that like the color green. In fact, friendships that form between a green fan and a purple fan tend to be strongest because you have similar interests and passions. You value comfort over fashion. Your closet usually consists of graphic t-shirts. Yoga pants are your jam, and you’re happy to pair them with cute comfortable tennis shoes. That’s really all you need. Right?

You have a creative personality. You find value and beauty in writing. However, you find visual arts much more compelling. You are more of an introvert at heart. However, on the weekends you often prefer to see a movie or grab drinks with a few close friends.


5% of people selected pink as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Pink

Just keep giggling. People love your bright bubbly personality. This energizing color attracts many leaders. Your music collection includes pop music, or anything that you consider lively. You tend to live on the bright side of life. Sometimes you notice the negativity, but you constantly turn your vision to something more optimistic.

You may have three close friends, or thirty, and they all look up to you. Similar to purple, you are intelligent, but your focus tends to be on topics outside of school and work.

The inside of your closet was mostly picked based on what made your figure look the most flattering when you tried it on.

At first glance, you tend to have a lot of friends who like the color purple. You have similar interests and leadership qualities. If you look past the surface though, you will find your closest friendships are with people that like green, yellow, or blue.

TLDR version of the pink description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like pink have in common.


31.5% of people selected blue as their favorite color.

Here’s what your favorite color says about you: Blue

Did you know that blue is the most common favorite color in the US? Welcome to the club!

“Calm and collected” is how people usually tend to describe you. On the surface, people always seem to think you are rather chill. But on the inside, you are a constant ball of nerves.

A glance in your closet and it is a collection of random outfits with no real theme. You don’t have a particular style, nor do you follow the fashion of the runway. Instead, you often end up wearing similar clothing to what your friends wear. That’s why your closet has changed so much over time.

You are simultaneously the best and worst person to make plans with because you tend to just go with the flow. When asked where you want to go, or what you want to do, there is a 90% chance of you responding with “I don’t care. What do you want to do?”

When it comes to music, that’s your jam (pun intended). You have the best taste in music. Your friends may not want to listen to it, but everyone can agree the songs you pick hold more meaning than anything on the radio. You listen to the lyrics more than the tune.

You can commonly be found hanging out with friends at home or trying to relax by listening to music. Either way, you try to keep your free time relatively calm. Your closest friends tend to prefer colors like green, yellow, or blue.

TLDR version of the blue description that highlights the key takeaways from what people that like blue have in common.

Bonus: Take your personality quiz.

Pick your favorite color from the ones below to see what it means about you. Share your results with your friends!


Some hues can speak to us more than others and that’s how one finds their favorite color. Your favorite color often evokes feelings or impacts you even on a subconscious level. In fact, Carl Jung, a pioneer in the field of color psychology, said, “Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious.” A person’s favorite color and their personality color can say a lot about them.

In business or in your personal life, colors have a more significant impact than you might think. You are able to assess different personality traits in people using the personality colors. Every personality color has traits that are found in people. When we speak of one’s favorite color, we see that everyone prefers distinct colors and shades. Of course, there’s bound to be individuals with the same favorite color. However, homogeneity in regard to favorite color doesn’t always occur in a family or workplace. It’s because we are all different from each other in many ways even if we have similar traits.

Not everyone has the same favorite color or can be classified under the same personality color. When you celebrate people’s varied tastes in color, the world is your kaleidoscope!

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