The Best Pizza Place in Every State [We were shocked!]

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An attempt to nail down the very best pizza in every state

Wondering what is the number 1 pizza in America? The answer might surprise you. You’ve come to the right source! In this piece, we have listed the best pizza place in every state along with some mind-blowing pizza facts. Keep reading to discover the most popular pizza place in your state! 

The Italians may have invented it, but the Americans are the ones who perfected the pizza. In all its flavor and cheesy deliciousness, pizza is probably just as popular as the Beatles! In fact, a whopping 98% of Americans eat pizza and 54% of them say that they “love” pizza. Let that sink in for a moment.

Cheesy text says: The average American eats 6,000 slices of pizza in their lifetime

A vast majority of people in the United States consume pizza which makes it a household staple. Furthermore, pizza is an inexpensive way to feed a large group of people. Besides, who doesn’t like leftover pizza? These cheesy slices of goodness are easy to eat again and again – saving money on your grocery bill. Plus, they’re an inexpensive way to sneak vegetables into a picky eater’s diet. All in all, pizza speaks to the soul and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! 

heesy text says: Every day, 13% of the US population eats some form of pizza

Now that we’ve established pizza as an American favorite, let’s get down to identifying the best of its kind. Yes, we’re going to take you on a scrumptious tour across the country including Alaska and Hawaii!  

Every state has its own flair when it comes to people, culture, and food. That’s why we decided to do some research and give you a list of the best pizza places in every American state.

What state has the best pizza?

According to Anytime Estimate, Ohio has the best pizza in the country

Which US city has the best pizza?

It’s not New York City or Chicago. It is Detroit! Yes, according to the Chicago Sun-Times itself, Detroit has the best pizza in the United States. 

Best pizza place in every state 2024 

Did you know there are over 75,000+ pizza restaurants in the United States?  

Cheesy text says: There are 78,092 pizza restaurants in the US

That’s a lot to pick through. So, we’ll make your next pizza decision easier. Without further ado, let’s explore the best pizza place in every state: 

US map that lists the best pizza place in each state

Best pizza in Alabama –  Post Office Pies

Sweet home Alabama has some remarkable pizza places, and our pick is Post Office Pies located in Birmingham. Fun fact, the restaurant location used to be a post office back in the day! How cool is that?  

Best pizza in Alaska – Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria 

Located in the state’s largest city – Anchorage, the Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria serves delicious options including a reindeer sausage pizza. Could it get any more Alaskan? 

Best pizza in Arizona – Pizzeria Bianco 

The Grand Canyon state boasts of several delectable places for pizza but the crown goes to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. This pizzeria was instrumental in the artisanal pizza movement. Make plans to try them out whenever you visit. 

Best pizza in Arkansas –  DeLuca’s Pizzeria Napoletana 

Travelling to Arkansas? It might be worthwhile to stop by at DeLuca’s Pizzeria Napoletana in Hot Springs. They serve New York-style brick oven pizza that just hits the spot. 

Best pizza in California – The Cheese Board Pizza 

They’ve got Hollywood, Golden Gate Bridge, and some of the best pizza around! Our top pick is The Cheese Board Pizza located in Berkeley. Their pizza is served with a signature green sauce that makes their patrons keep coming back. 

Best pizza in Colorado – Duca’s Neapolitan Pizza 

Is it just us, or does Colorado have some of the most picturesque landscapes ever? They also have a plethora of choices where pizza is concerned. We’ve picked Duca’s Neapolitan Pizza in Colorado Springs as the winner. Their pizzas are baked in a handmade brick-wood fired oven which is heated to 800 degrees! The best part? Their pies are done in 90 seconds! 

Best pizza in Connecticut –  Domenik & Pia Downtown Pizzeria 

The first of the New England states on this list has plenty of options for pizza lovers. Our pick is Domenik & Pia Downtown Pizzeria. However, they only accept cash. There’s an ATM nearby, but we’d advise carrying cash. 

Best pizza in Delaware – Wood Fired Pizza Shop 

We have chosen Wood Fired Pizza Shop in Newark as the best pizza place in Delaware. No, it’s not a typo. There is a city named Newark in the state of Delaware which is probably not as well-known as the one in New Jersey.  

Best pizza in Florida –  Baccano 

When someone says Florida, Miami is often the first city that comes to mind. With a metro population exceeding 6 million, it is one of the major cities in the United States. We have chosen Baccano in Miami as the best pizza place in the state. Pizza connoisseurs would describe their tomato sauce and cheese combo as a “match made in heaven.” 

Best pizza in Georgia –  Max’s Coal Oven Pizza 

The best pizza place in Georgia is Max’s Coal Oven Pizza located in the capital city of Atlanta. Did you know they have the only coal-burning pizza oven in the state? That surely accounts for their terrific pies! 

Best pizza in Hawaii –  Big Island Pizza   

Aloha! We have arrived at the tropical paradise of Hawaii! The staff at Big Island Pizza in Kailua-Kona & Hilo let you watch as they fire up their authentic brick oven to cook your pie. 

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Best pizza in Idaho – Goat Mountain Pizza 

Yeah, yeah, they have potatoes! They also have pizza! Our pick for the best pizza place in Idaho is Goat Mountain Pizza in Bonners Ferry. If you make it down there, don’t forget to order their Sasquatch. 

Best pizza in Illinois – Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria 

The windy city has a whole style of Pizza named after it and we’ve picked Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria as our number one. You don’t just get a pie, you get a slice of history as they’ve been in business for over 90 years! 

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Best pizza in Indiana – Pizzology 

The state’s capital, Indianapolis has the best pizza place, which is Pizzology. They serve wood-fired gourmet pizza that can melt your heart, pun intended! 

Best pizza in Iowa – A & A Pagliai’s Pizza 

What does Iowa have other than rolling plains and cornfields? Awesome pizza! Drive down to Iowa City and grab a bite at A & A Pagliai’s Pizza. We think you’ll fall in love with their thin crust slices of heaven! 

Best pizza in Kansas – 1889 Pizza 

The land of the Wizard of Oz, we have picked 1889 Pizza in Kansas City as the winner. Their gourmet Neapolitan pizza will make you agree with our choice.

Best pizza in Kentucky – Goodfellas Pizzeria 

Home of the Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Kentucky Derby, this state also serves great pizza. Take a trip to Lexington and indulge in some delicious New York-style pizza at Goodfellas Pizzeria. 

Best pizza in Louisiana – Johnny’s Pizza House   

Nestled in the city of Shreveport is Johnny’s Pizza House – the best pizza place in Louisiana! Interesting fact about their pizza is that it is cut into rectangular slices. 

Best pizza in Maine – When Pigs Fly 

The state of Maine gets their dose of the best pizza from When Pigs Fly located in Kittery. They have delicious wood-fired pizza with hand-stretched mozzarella cheese. That’s enough to make your mouth water! 

Best pizza in Maryland – Gil’s Pizza 

In the state of Maryland, Gil’s Pizza takes the top spot for the best pizza place. Located in Baltimore, this place serves squarish pizzas. It geomet-errific! 

Best pizza in Massachusetts –  The Salty Pig 

Boston – the state capital has the best pizza place in the state! If you get a chance to visit or if you live close by, make plans to go to The Salty Pig. As the name suggests, their menu has pork options and stone-grilled pizza. 

Best pizza in Michigan – Silver Beach Pizza 

The best pizza place in Michigan is Silver Beach Pizza in St Joseph. Fall in love with their hand-tossed pizzas with creative toppings.  

Best pizza in Minnesota – Pig Ate My Pizza 

Go Vikings! Looking for the best pizza place in Minnesota? Pig Ate My Pizza in Robbinsdale has 11 combinations with 18 additional toppings!  

Best pizza in Mississippi –  Brooklyn’s 

The best pizza place in the state of Mississippi is Brooklyn’s in Gulfport. They serve large pizzas at reasonable prices.  

Best pizza in Missouri – Woody’s Wood-Fire Pizza 

Take a trip to Joplin and indulge in some of the best pies at Woody’s Wood-Frie Pizza. We recommend trying out their “Mutha.” 

Best pizza in Montana –  Eugene’s Pizza 

Home to the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park, Montana is known for its flora, fauna, and mineral reserves. The city of Glasgow has what we consider the best pizza in the state. Eugene’s Pizza has been serving delicious pies since 1962. 

Best pizza in Nebraska – Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria 

Did you know that the Reuben Sandwich and Kool-Aid both originated in Nebraska? When it comes to pizza, Nebraska doesn’t disappoint. The city of Omaha has the best pizza place in the state – Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria. They’ve been serving pizza since 1919. That’s 100+ years! They’re clearly doing something right.  

Best pizza in Nevada –  Pieology Pizzeria 

Who doesn’t want to visit Las Vegas? Next time you’re there, experience your pizza being made in front of you at Pieology Pizzeria. 

Best pizza in New Hampshire – Alley Cat Pizzeria 

Also referred to as the “granite state,” New Hampshire’s best pizza place is Alley Cat Pizzeria in Manchester. Their menu is named after cats! Isn’t that just purr-fect? 

Best pizza in New Jersey – Anthony’s Family Restaurant & Pizzeria 

Did you know that New Jersey has more diners than any other state in the country? Their pizza place is Anthony’s Family Restaurant & Pizzeria located in Rockaway. Do try their eggplant pizza. We’ve heard great things. 

Best pizza in New Mexico – Café Rio 

If thin-crust hand-tossed pies is your guilty pleasure, you’ve got to try what Café Rio in Ruidoso has to offer.  

Best pizza in New York – Patsy’s Pizzeria 

We’re obsessed with New York Style pizza! Patsy’s Pizzeria in New York City has been serving the best pizza in the state since 1933! 

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Best pizza in North Carolina – Pizzeria Omaggio 

Looking for a broad selection of seasonal pizzas with inventive toppings? The Pizzeria Omaggio in Charlotte has you covered! You’ll find a little bit of everything here.  

Best pizza in North Dakota – Rhombus Guys 

Go Bison! The state of North Dakota has its best pizza place in Fargo. We recommend trying out their impressive menu of 34 gourmet pizza options. Even for the pickiest of eaters, there’s certainly something there they’ll like.  

Best pizza in Ohio – Dewey’s Pizza 

Dayton has the best pizza place in the state of Ohio. Dewey’s Pizza lets you “design your own pie” and you get to choose what goes on your pizza. Sounds like a road trip! 

Best pizza in Oklahoma – The Wedge Pizza 

Looking for the best pizza place in the state of Oklahoma? It is The Wedge Pizza located in Oklahoma City. We recommend trying out their Prosciutto e Formaggi. 

Best pizza in Oregon – Ken’s Artisan Pizza 

Located in the city of Portland, Ken’s Artisan Pizza is our winner for the best pizza place in Oregon. It is a paradise for true gourmet pizza connoisseurs.  

Best pizza in Pennsylvania – Roma Pizza 

Home of the Liberty Bell, the state of Pennsylvania has its best pizza place in Pottsville. Roma Pizza specializes in Wood-fired Neapolitan pies that reflect their Sicilian roots.  

Best Pizza in Rhode Island – Nice Slice

Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, is home to the best pizza in the state! Drive down to Nice Slice and indulge in their thin crust pies. They also carry vegan options! 

Best pizza in South Carolina –  D’Allesandro’s Pizza 

Visiting South Carolina? It might be worth your time to try out the pizza at D’Allesandro’s Pizza in Charleston. They have a “make your own pie” option that lets you choose from over 30 different toppings. 

Best pizza in South Dakota – R-Pizza 

The Mount Rushmore state has its best pizza place in Vermillion. R-pizza has been in business since 1968 and is definitely worth a try. 

Best pizza in Tennessee – Five Point Pizza 

Not only is Nashville the mecca of country music, but it is also home to Tennessee’s best pizza place. Their 20-inch pies are sold by the slice, and we highly recommend indulging in some cheesy goodness! 

Best pizza in Texas – Home Slice Pizza 

The Lone Star State has some really great options for pizza. We picked Home Slice Pizza in Austin as the best pizza place in the state. You’ll be wanting more once you try their pies which are sold by the slice.

Best pizza in Utah – Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana 

Salt Lake City is the state capital and also the most populous city in Utah. It also has the best pizza place in the state – Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana. Few things in life feel as good for the soul as their authentic wood-burning oven pies. 

Best pizza in Vermont – Piecasso 

Known for its scenic nature trails, the state of Vermont has plenty of pizza lovers and hence, good pizza. We picked Piecasso at Stowe as our numero uno. Their “Heart Stopper” pizza is a must-try! 

Best pizza in Virginia – Bottoms Up Pizza 

They say, “Virgina is for lovers” and we agree! Along with that, the state has some pretty decent pizza. Our choice for the best pizza place in the state is Bottoms Up Pizza at Richmond. They’re known for their 12-hour crust which sounds like a gastronomic delight! 

Best pizza in Washington –  The Flying Goat 

Have you visited Washington state? If you do in future, remember to visit The Flying Goat in Spokane. Their pizzas have puffy crusts and innovative toppings. 

Best pizza in West Virginia – DiCarlo’s Pizza 

If you ever find yourself in West Virgina, we recommend trying out the best pizza place – DiCarlo’s Pizza. It is located in Wheeling, and they’re known for their square slices of pizza. 

Best pizza in Wisconsin – Pizza Brutta 

Known for their cheese and fierce loyalty to the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin also has good pizza. Their best is Pizza Brutta in Madison. Neapolitan pies with thin crust is the specialty of this place. 

Best pizza in Wyoming – Hand Fire Pizza 

It may be last, but it’s certainly not least. We have reached the 50th state, and our top pick for the best pizza place is Hand Fire Pizza in Jackson. The main attraction of this place is their inventive pizza toppings.  


Pizza lovers across the country are always looking for new and interesting places to try. Some people like to stick to familiar options while others might feel a little adventurous. Our list has a substantial choice range for both. You can never go wrong with a classic pepperoni! However, there are some non-traditional options like seafood or sriracha for culinary thrill-seekers. Regardless of what you like, we can all agree that pizza simply makes life better! 

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