7 Best Time Travel Movies on Netflix [You Probably Haven’t Heard Of]

"7 Best Time Travel Movies on Netflix [You Probably Haven’t Heard Of]"

If time travel is your choice of genre, Netflix has some great movies for your next affordable date night in! Best part? They’re included in your subscription.

Movie-buff or casual enthusiast, we all have our reasons for indulging in some reel-time. With multiple streaming services available, you can choose whatever strikes your mood. Looking for a date-night movie your partner can both watch and enjoy? Let’s explore the best movie options in the time-travel category available on Netflix. Here’s our pick of the seven best time travel movies on Netflix.  

Whether you’re craving some quality me-time or looking for inexpensive date ideas, watching movies is always fun. You have an entire universe of options, spanning across a hoard of genres. It is always wise to filter by genre when looking for movies you’re likely to enjoy. Time-travel is an intriguing topic and movies centered around it often spark interest and fascination. 

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You don’t have to splurge on movie tickets and overpriced snacks if you have a Netflix subscription. Granted going to the movies has its own appeal. However, when all you’re looking for is spending quality time at home, Netflix is one of the first things that come to mind. Did you know that Netflix has 214 million paid subscribers worldwide

Even our team loves Netflix! 

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Are there any good time travel movies? Absolutely! There are some remarkable movies with very well-written characters and terrific acting. Some of these movies are available on Netflix! In fact, aficionados of the genre are often looking for new time travel movies on Netflix. 

7 Best time travel movies on Netflix

Let’s cut to the chase and dive right into our list: 

"7 best time travel movies on  Netflix" in large bold letters. List begins "The adam project, see you yesterday, when we first met, in the shadow of the moon, Synchronic, Long story short, and the lake house"

1. The Adam Project 

Topping the list of best time travel movies on Netflix is “The Adam Project.” This 2022 comedy-drama stars Ryan Reynolds as a time travelling fighter pilot who joins forces with his younger self to save the future.  

It has a 6.7 on IMDb and 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

If you enjoy time travel in movies or as a concept, this one deserves top spot. 

2. See You Yesterday 

When an innocent boy is wrongfully murdered, two teen prodigies (one being the deceased’s sibling) build a time machine in an attempt to go back in time and save him. This is the premise of the 2019 science fiction movie, See You Yesterday. 

The movie has an IMDb rating of 5.2 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93%.  

We recommend watching this if you’re fascinated with time machines and the concept of time travel. 

What is the most inventive time travel movie on Netflix?

Every time travel movie has its own charm. Our pick for the most inventive one would be “See You Yesterday.” 

3. When We First Met 

Don’t we all love a good rom-com from time to time? Well, most of us do and this 2018 Adam Devine starrer does not disappoint. Noah (Devine) falls in love with a girl named Avery whom he meets at a Halloween party in 2014 but gets friend zoned. Avery ends up falling in love with another guy and Noah, through a series of events, travels back in time to make the girl of his dreams fall in love with him. Will he succeed? That remains to be seen. 

This movie has a 6.3 score on IMDb along with 43% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

If date-night rom-coms are your thing, you’re going to love this one. 

4. In the Shadow of the Moon 

Isn’t there something fascinating about serial killers? Something that arouses morbid curiosity. Now take that and combine it with time travel and you’ve got one interesting movie. The plot revolves around a police officer obsessed with tracking down a serial killer whose crimes seem to go against the rationale. 

In the Shadow of the Moon scored 6.2 IMDb rating along with 57% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

This 2019 science fiction thriller needs to be on your to-watch list. 

5. Synchronic 

If you’re into science fiction and horror, this 2019 movie is the perfect combination of both. It features a series of strange and gruesome deaths which are linked to a new designer drug, leaving two paramedics extremely confused. The drug enables one to travel backwards in time in the same location. 

The movie has an IMDb rating of 6.2 while Rotten Tomatoes rated them at 79%.  

If time travel is your thing, this movie is a must-watch! 

"Describe the best sci-fi movie in 5 words or less"

6. Long Story Short

Imagine waking up the morning after your wedding only to find out that it is your first anniversary. Yes, that’s what happens to the protagonist of this Australian rom-com. Basically, he’s jumping forward in time by a year and he’s got to make every second count.  

Long Story Short has an IMDb rating of 6.5 and scored 50% on rotten tomatoes.  

Have fun watching this 2021 time travel movie. 

7. The Lake House

Summing up our list of the best time travel movies on Netflix is the 2006 fantasy-romance starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. It is a remake of the Korean movie, Il Mare. The plot revolves around a doctor (Bullock) living in the year 2006 and an architect (Reeves) living in 2004. They meet and continue a relationship via letters through a mailbox at a lake house where they both lived in different times. 

The movie has an IMDb rating of 6.8 and 35% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

It is available on Netflix and makes for a great date-night watch.  

What should I watch next? 

Unsure of what to watch? Let us help! Spin our wheels to determine your next date-night flick. 

What movie has the most realistic time travel? 

According to Movieweb, Primer might be the most realistic time travel movie. 

Are you a movie fan? Check out some of these films – they’re quite comparable.  

If you like here after you'll like long story short
If you like ps I love you you'll like the lake house
If you like fractured you'll like in the shadow of the moon
if you like predestination you'll like see you yesterday
If you like Always be my maybe you'll like When we fist met

What is the very best movie on Netflix right now?

The number one movie on Netflix right now is Day Shift

Final thoughts: 

Movies entertain and delight us. Even our own team watches them. At times, they also educate us. Some movies unleash a whole new world of fantasy and make-believe. Others have profound thought-provoking messages. Along with cinematic brilliance, we get to watch some very talented artists in action. We hope our list of the best time travel movies on Netflix provides a blueprint on where to start.  

What’s that? Do we hear “movie marathon”? 

Happy binge-watching! 

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