Major Benefits for Consumers That Provide Debit Card Information to Online Payday Loan Companies

Major Benefits for consumers that provide debit card info to online payday loan companies blog image

If you have applied for anything in your lifetime, you will know that pretty much everything requires an application or at least some sort of verification. This can be for a job, a car loan, or even a rental property. Sometimes throughout the application process you give out so much information that you stop and ask yourself, “Why do they need this information?”

In the payday loan space, and especially with our Net Pay Advance customers in California ,Texas and Kansas we get asked frequently why we are asking for debit card information? First off, we just want to reiterate that applicants are not required to give us your debit card information; however, there are many benefits to doing so. We have outlined the benefits to having a debit card on file, so you can make the decision yourself for what is best for you.

Higher loan amounts

Entering your debit card information during the application process could potentially get you access to higher loan amounts. While loan amounts are limited in California, applicants in Texas could qualify for more cash simply by providing their debit card information.

Time to re-loan

If you’re making a payment the same day that you have an unexpected expense, you could find that you’re in need of another payday loan. If this is the case and you have a debit card on file, you can re-loan the same day as when you make a payment. Without a debit card on file, payments are made via ACH deposit and we are unable to approve a new loan until that payment has gone through. This could take up to four business days.

Easier payments

Another benefit to having a debit card on file is that you can call and make payments over the phone. If you are unable to login to your Net Pay Advance account due to internet or some other issue and are afraid that you won’t be able to make a payment, you can call 888-942-3320. Payments can be made over the phone using the debit card information you have on file ensuring that your loan doesn’t become past due.

So, you see, having a debit card on file has its benefits. Faster processing, opportunity for higher loan amounts and the ability to make payments over the phone. If you don’t have a valid debit card on file right now, you can log in to add a card to your account, today! Head to or call a Net Pay Advance Customer Service Advocate at 888-942-3320.

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