Holiday Loan for Bad Credit – Yes, It’s for Real!

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Unlike Santa, a holiday loan is an actual thing

It’s that time of the year again, isn’t it? The endless shopping, hours of gift wrapping, decorating your home, cooking family recipes, and in-laws visiting. It’s bound to get stressful. The last thing you need is a financial constraint. A holiday loan can help you get through this season. 

I love the holidays! The sounds, the smells, the tastes – all of it. I’m sure you feel the same way but let’s face it, holiday magic comes at a cost. In fact, 61% Americans dread holidays because of financial reasons. As sad as it is, it’s also true and somewhat comforting to know that you’re not alone. So, what do you do when holidays and associated expenses are looming over you? Simple, you come here for some solid advice. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to capture some holiday magic for your loved ones. With the increase in spending, it is common to experience some money troubles. That’s where a holiday loan can step in and put your mind at ease and that’s not even the best part. You can get a holiday loan regardless of what your credit score looks like. Now isn’t that just the best news you’ve heard all day? 

I’m sure you’ve got questions, so keep reading.

What is a holiday loan or Christmas loan?

A holiday loan, or Christmas loan, is a loan made available to people who need help during the holiday season to afford holiday expenses. Usually, you can apply online, get approved, and get funds deposited to your account quickly. 

Different lenders require borrowers to meet different criteria to be eligible to apply for a Christmas loan. These include being of legal age, maintaining residency in a particular state, having an active bank account, and more. Depending on the lender, some holiday loans don’t require a credit score! Keep reading to determine where to find a no credit needed loan.  

The first rule of getting a holiday loan is making sure you’re working with a trusted and legit lender.

Can I get holiday loans for bad credit online?

Yes, you can get a holiday loan with bad credit online. There are lenders that are willing to help you regardless of your credit situation. Net Pay Advance is one such lender.

What exactly does “bad” credit mean? Well, any number below 600 is considered bad or poor credit. A considerable 15.5% Americans have below 600 credit score. Your credit shouldn’t keep you from getting a holiday or Christmas loan.

A pie chart shows15.5% of Americans have below a 600 credit score. Black text under it says when other forms of credit aren’t easily accessible, consider a holiday loan with no hard credit check. Light blue background bears a solid blue USA map shape at the top that has a white dial with a needle pointing right at an angle. Below , the Net Pay Advance logo and brand name appear at the bottom of the graphic.

Can I get a bad-credit holiday loan with no credit check?

You can get a holiday loan or Christmas loan with bad credit and no hard credit check. I know, it sounds too good to be true but in this case, it’s actually true. There are lenders that don’t run hard credit checks on applicants. This means that their borrower’s credit isn’t considered and remains unaffected. Find out more about no hard credit check loans.

Types of Holiday Loans

Did you know that a holiday loan can be one of a few different types? There a three types of personal holiday loans. They are:

1. Single-pay payday loan

This is a short-term loan designed to help people take care of unexpected expenses while in between paychecks. This type of loan must be paid back in a single lump sum on the borrower’s next payday. Be aware, single-pay payday loans may not be available in every state.

2. Installment loan

This type of loan involves borrowing a sum of money which is then repaid in scheduled smaller payments over time. These individual payments are called installments. Borrowers may be able to access installment loans depending on their state of residence since these loans are not available everywhere. These loans often have a higher limit than single-pay payday loans and come with a longer repayment period.

3. Line of credit

A line of credit loan shares similarities with a credit card and can be used as an alternative. Borrowers are offered a fixed amount of money, or a borrowing limit. The loan itself is flexible and has no set full repayment date. Instead, one can repay the loan in full if they choose to or they can opt for a minimum payment on their monthly due date. Borrowers can withdraw and repay their line of credit over time without having to reapply. However, not every state supports this type of loan. Check eligibility before you apply.

See what holiday loan options are available in your state

What to use a holiday loan for

As the name suggests, a holiday loan is usually used to pay for holiday-related expenses or simply bills that arise during the holiday season. I have listed out a few areas that borrowers typically spend on using this type of loan:

Holiday loans can help with expenses like winterized home and car repairs, travel delays, family emergencies, and making ever-lasting family holiday memories. Light blue and white background bears the Net Pay Advance logo and brand name in the top right corner. The words holiday loans appear in blue font at the top left. Graphic shows a two-story blue home with garage adjacent to it. Both are covered in snow. A flying airplane on the right is next to the the words travel delays in white text. Below the white text saying family emergencies is an ambulance. A couple features on the bottom left which shows a man cover the woman’s eyes with one hand while giving her a gift wrapped in green wrapping paper and a red bow. Christmas loans are your money to use as you see fit over the holidays.

1. Unexpected expenses

Any bill or expense that you didn’t anticipate falls in this category. It may not be holiday-related but just happened to arise during the holiday season. The holiday season can be stressful, and it’s possible to have an unexpected expense. This could include forgetting someone on your holiday shopping list, or even slipping on the ice and needing to see the doctor.    

I would recommend you to anyone that needs a small and fast loan – especially during the holidays. – Cynthia P

When an unexpected expense is an emergency, there’s a loan for you!

2. Winterized home or car repairs

 There is something romantic and festive about a winter wonderland in December! All that beautiful snow can come with dangers, though. Many families face home or vehicular maintenance and repairs necessitated by winter.  

Just as there is potential snow damage to your home or shed. Car troubles during winter aren’t uncommon either. You’re looking at car batteries and heaters dying, spark plugs failing, fluids leaking and what not! Car repairs are expensive, and home repairs certainly aren’t cheap either. Unexpected repairs on your home or car can easily cost hundreds of dollars. A Christmas loan can save the day!

I was in need of money for an unexpected auto repair and didn’t know where to turn. – Jimmy H

Tip: Avoid overspending on car repairs! Find out how much repairs cost on average.

3. Travel

Holidays are the best time to catch up with family. Sometimes you just want to take that flight to Michigan to see nana. Other times, you just want to drive to the next state to celebrate Christmas with your folks and close friends. Either way, travel costs money. A holiday or Christmas loan can help accomplish those travel goals and spend some much-needed time with the people you love. 

In addition, holiday season travel can come with travel delays. A lot of them! Since airlines aren’t required to compensate passengers for flight delays, it’s entirely possible, you’ll be forced to pay for an extra day at your hotel if your flight is delayed an extra day. Holiday loans can help cover the headache of holiday travel delays.  

Needed help to travel home for the holidays, and NPA helped me out. – John D 

Tip: Need to travel this holiday season? Find out how you can get last-minute flights at reasonable prices.

4. Gifts

Tis the season of gift-giving after all! Gifts are an integral part of the holidays and there’s no denying it. Not all gifts must be over-the-top. Some could have sentiments attached or simply be experiences that your family can bond over to create lifelong memories. A holiday or Christmas loan can make special moments even more special. 

Thanks for helping me buy Christmas gifts for my daughter. – Mechel K

5. Holiday sales

Nothing beats holiday sales when you already have a list of items you need. Why spend $199 on the air fryer you have your heart set on when you can grab it at a deal on Black Friday? From appliances and tools to clothing and beauty, holiday sales are known for their terrific deals. Many families use Black Friday to score the biggest sales on the items they need and are already trying to buy. These big sales only happen once a year. On average, people save 24% on Black Friday specials. A holiday advance can help families take advantage of these once-a-year major sales.   

This is helping my family this holiday. – Tasia M

Tip: Stay sane during Thanksgiving as you pregame for Black Friday sales!

6. Holiday meals

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, you’re aware of what you’re getting into. Food prices are predicted to increase by 5.8% and that’s a lot for most people. If you want to avoid cooking and go the catering route, depending on the size of your guest list, you’re looking at a decent investment. 

NPA helped me out his Christmas because my hours were decreased and gas and food cost more these days. – Catherine  

Tip: Save money on groceries this holiday season.

7. Other holiday-related expenses

This category includes all expenses that arise around the holidays. A real Christmas tree could cost in the $80-100 range while an artificial one could be several hundred depending on size and style. If you live in a city, you might need to pay for transportation to load the tree and bring it home.  Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, and other holiday decorations are an expense too. Some people like to invest in holiday themed place settings or party decorations if they’re hosting and a Christmas loan becomes a boon. 

Needed cash for family time. Being able to say yes to my daughter when she wants to do something makes it worth it. Thank you for helping me make that happen. – Olivia M

How to apply for a holiday loan with bad credit

Applying for a holiday loan with bad credit involves three steps. They are:

Shows how to apply for a holiday loan with bad credit. Apply online, receive an instant decision, and if approved get funds same day. The image is winterized, complete with snow sitting on-top of the icons. The background is a blue road in front of fir trees, snowflakes, and an overcast winter sky.
  1. Submit an online application
  2. Receive an instant decision
  3. If approved, get funds in your account on the same day

What you need to apply for a holiday loan

There are a few requirements a borrower has to meet in order to apply for a holiday loan:

  • Be of legal age (18 or older) 
  • Have an active bank account in own name 
  • Maintain residency in a state where the lender is licensed 
  • Not military personnel or their dependents

Get a holiday loan today!

A pie chart in blue and white has teal shows 66% of Americans report feeling stressed during holiday season. Below is black text saying finances shouldn’t have to be one of those reasons and larger blue text says a holiday loan can help. There are three people donning charcoal, red, and blue shirts and two of them are also wearing Santa hats. Light blue background bears the Net Pay Advance logo and brand name at the bottom of the graphic.

Holidays are stressful! 66% of Americans report feeling stressed during holiday season. With so much going on with family, friends, jobs, and life in general, it can be a strain if your finances are also in limbo. It’s understandable to need more money than usual to survive the season. You want the holidays to be special for you and your family. A holiday loan can help liven things up! 

Apply for a holiday loan with us here.

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