Want Washer and Dryer Financing for Bad Credit? Read This.

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Discover how to get washer and dryer financing for bad credit or simply no credit

Life is full of unexpected events, and sometimes you need a new washer and dryer to keep your laundry clean. In this article, we will discuss how you can get washer and dryer financing for bad credit or no credit. 

Ah laundry! Nothing waits for you as patiently and as consistently as a mounting pile of unwashed laundry. In fact, 68% of people dread having to do laundry. Now imagine having to do this without a reliable washer and dryer. Although the simple solution would be to buy a new washer and dryer, the reality is that almost half of all Americans do not have the funds for a $400 emergency expense, much less, any expense. 

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With 3 in 4 Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it isn’t surprising that affording washer and dryer financing with bad credit, or any credit, seems like an uphill battle. However, there are ways to get your laundry done even when you don’t have a working washer and dryer. You can rely on friends and family if that is an option. You can go to the nearest laundromat. Bear in mind that the average American family does 300-390 loads of laundry in a year. The average cost of washing and drying a load of laundry at a laundromat is $3.12. This means that your annual laundromat charge could be over $1,200.  

If neither of these are viable solutions, getting a washer and dryer might be a task you must tackle. If you don’t have cash to cover it, look into financing options. Sometimes washer and dryer financing is referred to as a “home appliance loan.” If you, are like 15.5% of Americans who have a credit score below 600, you should know that there are options to get washer and dryer financing for bad credit. 

In this article, we will explore:

  • Is washer and dryer financing for bad credit possible? 
  • What does no hard credit check mean? 
  • What exactly is “bad credit”? 
  • Where can you get washer and dryer financing for bad credit?

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of washer and dryer financing for bad credit.

Common washer and dryer financing types

Can’t buy a washer and dryer with cash today? There are a few ways to go about washer and dryer financing for bad credit or any credit. We have included a list of washer and dryer financing types:

1. Rent to own

Under this type of financing, you promise to rent a washer or dryer for a period of time with the option to buy it before the lease ends. If you decide to return the item at any point, you can do so, but you don’t get any money back. Renting to own a washer and dryer is a type of secured loan and might require references.

2. Personal loan

A personal loan is a quick way to take care of an expense or bill such as home repairs, car repairs, emergency expenses, or any type of personal expenses. It can also be used to help purchase a washer or dryer. Some lenders might have credit requirements but fortunately, when you work with Net Pay Advance, your credit is never a factor. We don’t run a hard credit check on applicants.

3. Credit card

Often times when people can’t afford something upfront, they put it on a credit card. It’s the same case for when trying to buy a washer and dryer. However, not everyone can do so. Hard credit checks and your credit score factors in rather significantly in the ability to be approved for a credit card.

4. In-house financing

Under this financing model, the seller issues a credit card to the buyer. Several stores such as HomeDepot and Lowe’s for instance, do this. For one example, the MyLowe’s Rewards Credit Card offers customers 5% off Lowes purchases when they use their credit card! To avail this option, you’re usually required to have fair or decent credit.

Should I lease or should I loan?

When trying to get washer and dryer financing for bad credit or any credit, it is important to be aware of your options. If you’re debating whether to lease or loan, explore the pros and cons of each before deciding. 

When you’re leasing a washer (aka rent-to-own), you can return the item whenever you want although you don’t get any money back. Also, your credit doesn’t matter. However, this option might require a down payment and references. Being a secured loan, your appliance might get repossessed if you miss payments. 

Taking out a loan could be an easier solution if you work with trusted, licensed, and legit lenders that are transparent about the terms. Lenders like Net Pay Advance make the application process convenient and offer quick decisions. Another selling point is that we don’t do hard credit checks and your credit is never a consideration when you apply with us.

Washer and dryer financing for bad credit – is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to get washer and dryer financing for bad credit. 

Options like personal loans and rent-to-own offer washer and dryer financing for bad credit as they don’t focus on credit scores when approving a borrower. 

Credit history can often make or break your ability to get a more traditional loan. There are some washer and dryer financing options with credit requirements. In some cases, a credit score of about 580 or higher is needed for some types of appliance financing. That’s considered “fair credit.” Want to improve your credit? Here are 6 ways to do that. 

Need a faster solution? Luckily, some lenders don’t place that much value on credit alone. For some washer dryer financing options, there’s no set credit score requirements. There are washer and dryer financing options for bad credit. Lenders like us don’t conduct hard credit checks. We believe that people are more than just their credit scores.

What is meant by “no hard credit check”?

When lenders say they don’t do hard credit checks, it means that they don’t run a credit check on borrowers that could impact their credit scores. Hard credit checks usually show up on an individual’s credit report for two years. 

At Net Pay Advance, we offer loans with no hard credit check.

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What is meant by “bad credit”?

Generally speaking, a credit score of 600 and under is considered “bad credit.” 

Having bad or poor credit can impact your life and finances in many ways. However, when it comes to getting washer and dryer financing for bad credit, there are lenders willing to work with you. 

Discover more about credit scores and how they are calculated.

Where can you get washer and dryer financing for bad credit or no credit?

There are several lenders that will offer washer and dryer financing for bad credit or even no credit at all. One excellent choice is Net Pay Advance. Not to toot our own horn but we have thousands of 5-star reviews online that attest to it. 

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What kinds of washers and dryers can be financed with bad credit?

You can get any kind of washers and dryers with financing regardless of your credit score. There are no restrictions on brand, makes, or models when getting washer and dryer financing for bad credit. Depending on your needs, you can get appliances with a personal loan and use funds however you see fit. How you use your personal loan is your business.

Types of washers and dryers

Collage of three types of washers and three types of washers. The Net Pay Advance logo and brand name enclosed in a white rectangular panel at the center with the text “Types of washers and dryers”. Top-left image shows a washing machine with a circular door at the front and is labelled front load. The image just below shows a white washer with a door on the top and is labelled top load. The image at the bottom-left shows a pair of hands handling laundry from a smaller washer unit and is labelled portable. On the other side of the collage, the top-right image shows an electric meter and is labelled electric power. The one just below shows a white equipment with buttons and four wire-like entities coming out of the bottom and is labelled gas power. The final image shows a cage-like circular enclosure and is labelled heat pump.

There are a lot of types of washers and dryers you can choose from. Pick a washer and dryer based on your needs and preferences.

Common types of washers:

  • Front loading: This type of washer has a door at the front used to load and unload laundry. It typically consumes less water than top loading units. 
  • Top loading: This type of washer has a door on the top. You can drop in or pick up laundry from this door. There is a tall spindle in the middle of the washer that twists and turns the laundry. 
  • Portable washers: These are compact units designed with space constraints in mind. They are excellent for smaller homes and apartments and often stacked vertically with a dryer unit.

Common types of dryers:

  • Gas dryers: These use gas for heating and drying laundry. They are less costly to use and require less energy. 
  • Electric dryers: These use electricity to dry laundry and are cheaper to purchase. They do impact your electricity bills. 
  • Heat pump dryers: These use heat pumps to dry laundry by removing moisture from them. The refrigerant system present in this type of dryer pulls air from the environment and warms it up before releasing it onto the laundry.

What is the best time to buy a washer and dryer?

Research shows that the best time to buy a washer and dryer is on Black Friday weekend, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day weekend, and Amazon Prime day. Looking out for deals is a smart way to get yourself a brand-new washer and dryer for a lower price.

Ready to get washer and dryer financing for bad credit?

Having good credit opens many doors for buyers. That’s why we aim to educate people about credit and how to build credit. If someone has poor or low credit, they need to consider ways to raise credit scores.  

Regardless of circumstances, people need to be able to get washer and dryer financing for bad credit or no credit. This is where we step in to make things happen.

Getting washer and dryer financing for bad credit or no credit is a struggle. We got you!

Net Pay Advance is a leading provider of online payday loans. We serve thousands of customers every day to help them meet urgent expenses. If you’re looking for fast financial relief, work with trusted lenders like us today. Apply now to see if you’re eligible.   

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